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Eric and Alex aren’t classmates, ______________?

A. are they

B. is he

C. don’t they

Nobody knows the way,…….?

A. do they

B. were they

C. was nobody

Let’s go home,……?

A. will you

B. shall you

C. shall we

She is doing maths,……?

A. isn’t she

B. wasn’t she

C. hasn’t she

Jane was late for work, ___________________?

A. is she

B. wasn’t he

C. wasn’t she

Please give me your pen,……?

A. will we

B. shall we

C. will you

Somebody is using it,……..?

A. aren’t they

B. are they

C. aren’t somebody

Michael and Henry didn’t finish their homework, __________________?

A. does she

B. did he

C. did they

I am not a doctor,……?

A. aren’t I

B. am I

C. are I

You like English, _____?

A. aren’t you

B. don’t you

C. its you

D. are you

All is well,…..?

A. isn’t they

B. isn’t it

C. aren’t they

Ivy can’t jump very high, __________________?

A. does she

B. can she

C. isn’t she

The little girl has a pet, _______________?

A. does she

B. do she

C. doesn’t she

I am beautiful, ____?

A. amnot I

B. am’t I

C. aren’t I

Everyone should have a worksheet, ______?

A. shouldn’t they

B. shouldn’t it

C. should we

D. should we not

Wash your hands,……..?

A. do you

B. will you

C. shall we

Listening to music is your pass time(消遣),………?

A. doesn’t it

B. is it

C. isn’t it

D. didn’t it

Vera won’t tell us the answers, _______?

A. will she

B. she will

C. didn’t she

D. does she

This test is very interesting, …….?

A. is it

B. did it

C. isn’t it

D. didn’t it

We should invite them to our party,

A. don’t we?

B. should we?

C. shouldn’t we?

Nambina does not thank you,…….?

A. does not she

B. does she

C. doesn’t she

Getting up early is not easy for you, _____?

A. aren’t you

B. are you

C. is it

D. isn’t it

It is Charmander,______

A. isn´t it?

B. Is it?

You will study at the university in the future, ____?

A. won´t you

B. will you

C. don´t you

You’re carrying a spade,……?

A. are not you

B. aren’t you

C. weren’t you


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