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He is handsome, _______?

A. isn’t he ?

B. isn’t it ?

C. aren’t he ?

D. aren’t it ?

She can’t speak well.

A. Could she?

B. Can’t she?

C. Can she?

Keep quite.

A. Will you?

B. Could you?

C. Can’t you?

She can sing well

A. Can she?

B. Can’t she?

C. Couldn’t she?

You didn’t finish your homework, __?

A. are you

B. did you

C. won’t you

D. haven’t you

Nobody knows the way,…….?

A. do they

B. were they

C. was nobody

Umesh builds his body well

A. Does he?

B. Is he?

C. Doesn’t he’s?

This is a book,……?

A. is this

B. is it

C. isn’t this

You went to the beach yesterday,

A. don’t you?

B. didn’t you?

C. aren’t you?

D. did you?

The apples are good

A. Aren’t they?

B. Are they?

C. Were they?

They are on their way here, ______?

A. are they

B. aren’t they

C. were they

D. weren’t they

You have been to Paris, ______?

A. do you

B. have you

C. haven’t you

D. don’t you

They’ll fail,

A. Are they?

B. Aren’t they?

C. Will they?

D. Won’t they?

Everything is ready, …..?

A. isn`t it

B. is it

C. it is

D. doesn`t it

He isn’t working now,

A. Is he?

B. Isn’t he?

C. Has he?

D. Hasn’t he?

You two went to the same university,

A. didn’t they

B. didn’t you

C. will they

D. won’t they

You speak German, ______?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. are you

D. can’t you

She has got a lot of books, _________?

A. does she

B. doesn’t she

C. hasn’t she

Padam will draw a map,…….?

A. willn’t he

B. will not he

C. won’t he

your sister never joins the meeting, …..?

A. do they

B. doesn`t she

C. does she

D. don`t they

You are a student,

A. are you?

B. aren´t you?

Most people can’t go to Africa,

A. can they?

B. could they?

C. must they?

D. should they?

If he spoke better English he would look for a job abroad,

A. would he?

B. wouldn’t he?

C. didn’t he?

We won’t be late, ________

A. won’t we?

B. will we?

C. are we?

Juikel seldom does English homework, …..?

A. doesn`t he

B. do he

C. does she

D. does he


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