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You went to the beach yesterday,

A. don’t you?

B. didn’t you?

C. aren’t you?

D. did you?

Peter played handball yesterday,____________ ?

A. does he

B. is he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

He has to fill a form,

A. do you?

B. does he?

C. doesn´t he?

D. don´t you?

You’ve got many different things to do, … ?

A. do you

B. haven’t you

C. have you

D. don’t you

There’s still some beer in the fridge(冰箱), __________

A. isn’t it?

B. haven’t we?

C. aren’t they?

D. isn’t there?

He is late this morning,

A. is it?

B. is he?

C. isn´t it?

D. isn´t he?

You have a meeting at 4,

A. don’t you?

B. did you?

C. didn´t you?

D. do you?

Somebody is using it,……..?

A. aren’t they

B. are they

C. aren’t somebody

Mathew and Camila work a lot , ______?

A. are they

B. aren´t they

C. don´t they

D. –

Vera won’t tell us the answers, _______?

A. will she

B. she will

C. didn’t she

D. does she

He never goes to to bed before 10 o’clock, _________?

A. isn’t he

B. is he

C. doesn’t he

There wasn’t enough paper in the printer,

A. wasn’t there?

B. there wasn’t?

C. was there?

Mr. Joe doesn’t speak English well, ___________________?

A. is he

B. isn’t he

C. does he

D. doesn’t he

Everyone should have a worksheet, ______?

A. shouldn’t they

B. shouldn’t it

C. should we

D. should we not

Amy wears glasses today, ….?

A. do she

B. not she

C. wear she

D. doesn’t she

Please give me your pen,……?

A. will we

B. shall we

C. will you

That is Gam’s car, ………………………..?

A. is it

B. isn’t it

C. did it

We should invite them to our party,

A. don’t we?

B. should we?

C. shouldn’t we?

I’m right, ________

A. amn’t I?

B. am not I?

C. aren’t I?

you swam in the beach, _____?

A. did you

B. didn´t you

C. don´t you

D. –

John has left the office…………?

A. isn’t he

B. has he

C. hadn’t he

D. hasn’t he

She has got a lot of books, _________?

A. does she

B. doesn’t she

C. hasn’t she

He likes fish,

A. does he?

B. does she?

C. doesn’t he?

D. doesn´t it?

You didn’t have any lessons this morning,

A. do you?

B. don´t you?

C. did you?

D. aren’t you?

Gam works at the hospital, ……………………………?

A. will she

B. doesn’t she

C. didn’t she


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