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Grammar - Nouns Quiz


Find out the noun which is singular in form but plural in use.

A. news

B. people

C. mathematics

D. Netherlands

Mr. Gupta is a painter. What is the proper noun in the sentence?

A. painter

B. Mr

C. Mr. Gupta

D. is

Example of material nouns

A. gun

B. knowledge

C. silk

D. summer

Example of Countable noun.

A. sugar

B. clock

C. cement

D. air

Find the correct statement from the following sentences.

A. The tiger ate several sheeps.

B. The tiger ate several sheep.

C. The tiger ate several sheepes.

D. The tiger ate several sheepen.

Plural form of the word ‘hanger-on’ is

A. hangers-ons

B. hanger-ons

C. hangers-on

D. hanger-on

Shanu planted a Seed. [Find the error]

A. Shanu

B. planted

C. a

D. Seed

Which of the following is not a proper noun?

A. Norway

B. planet

C. Oreo

D. Sunday

Greenhouse is a place where we grow plants. [What is the compound noun?]

A. Green

B. house

C. Greenhouse

D. none

Nouns are verbs that describe an action

A. True

B. False

C. Both

D. None

Mahatma Gandhi preached peace and non-violence. [Find the abstract nouns]

A. preached

B. Mahatma Gandhi

C. and

D. peace, non-violence

Pick out the incorrect form of collective noun from the following.

A. quiver of arrows

B. fleet of ships

C. bunch of books

D. herd of cows

My uncle visits his nephew every weekend.[Pick out the correct sentence with opposite gender]

A. My aunt visits his niece every weekend.

B. My aunt visits her nephew every weekend.

C. My aunt visits his nephew every weekend.

D. My aunt visits her niece every weekend.

He identified his baggages among hundreds of others. [Find the error]

A. baggages

B. identified

C. others

D. among

Which of the following is not an uncountable abstract noun?

A. wisdom

B. remarks

C. jealousy

D. fun


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