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Grammar - used to Quiz


In today’s world, people are lazier, but in the past they ______ harder.

A. use to work

B. used to work

C. didn’t use to work

D. didn’t used to work

Thomas ______ a lot, but he is very fat now.

A. ate

B. used to eat

C. didn’t use to eat

D. didn’t used to eat

I know you are very busy with your work now, but ____ you ____ time on your hobbies when you were younger?

A. did / use to spend

B. did / used to spend

C. were / used to spend

D. were / use to spend

I eat fish and chicken now, but I _____ eating any types of meat when I was a child.

A. liked

B. used to like

C. didn’t used to like

D. didn’t use to like

I don’t stay with my parents now, but I ______ with them in Paris.

A. use to live

B. used to live

C. didn’t use to live

D. didn’t used to live

The team is very successful and they win every match but surprisingly they _____ the previous match.

A. used to lose

B. didn’t use to lose

C. didn’t lose

D. lost


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