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Grammar - Wh Questions Quiz


A: ________ one is yours?

B: The blue one.

A. Which

B. Who

C. Why

D. When

Questions for: I play tennis twice a week.

A. Who do you play tennis with?

B. Where do you play tennis?

C. When do you play tennis?

D. How often do you play tennis?

…………… it from Binh Dinh to Sai Gon? It’s about 200 kilometers.

A. How long

B. How much

C. How many

D. How far

pen is this? It’s my pen.

A. Who

B. Whose

C. What

D. Where

Question for: He’s wearing blue jeans.

A. Whose shoes are those?

B. What’s she wearing?

C. What’s Alex wearing?

D. Who’s wearing a T-shirt?

________ is the most expensive city in the world? – I think it’s Tokyo.

A. What

B. When

C. How

D. Where

A: _______ was the last time you visited aunt Jessica?

B: In June.

A. Who

B. Why

C. Where

D. When

A: _______ do you do in the evenings?

B: I usually play on the computer.

A. Who

B. How

C. Where

D. What

– __________ do you like the modern English programme?

– Because it helps me with my English.

A. Where

B. What

C. Why

D. How

………… ring is this? It’s Suzie’s.

A. Whose

B. Where

C. Which

……….do you live now? I’m living in Da Nang city

A. Why

B. When

C. Where

D. What

Questions for: He’s my father.

A. What does you mother do?

B. Whose car is that?

C. Why do you like chocolate?

D. Who’s that?

Question for: She goes at twenty past eight.

A. What time does your mother go to work?

B. What time do your cousins go to school?

C. What time does James go to the swimming pool?

D. What time is it?

Question for: It’s on 3rd of April.

A. What’s you best friend’s name?

B. When’s your birthday?

C. What can you do?

D. Do you like playing basketball?

…………… old are you? I’m seventeen years old.

A. How

B. What

C. Where

Questions for: I walk to school

A. How do you go to schoo?

B. When do you go to schoo?

C. What time do you go to school?

D. Which is your dog?

Question for: Because it’s the fastest car.

A. Why do you like Lamborghini diablo?

B. Why is he your friend?

C. Why don’t you ride a horse?

D. Why is it raining?

– __________ is the weather forecast programme on?

– At 7.30 pm every day.

A. when

B. what

C. where

D. who

…….. many pencils do you have?. I have seven pencils.

A. How

B. Where

C. What

A: ________ ate my sandwich?

B: Your younger sister.

A. When

B. Where

C. Whose

D. Who


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