Grammar Quiz

Correlative Conjunction Quiz


Nora likes ____________ badminton ___________ tennis. She does not like both games.

A. neither ….. nor

B. either …. or

I have to choose ________ a cat ________ a rabbit as my pet.

A. either .. or

B. neither .. nor

We play _____ tennis ____ basketball.

A. either, or

B. both, and

C. neither, nor

D. either, nor

I did not go to the birthday party. I did not go to the wedding.

A. I went neither to the birthday party nor the wedding.

B. I went either to the birthday party or the wedding.

When I go to the home for the elderly, I ______sing song _____ recite poems for its residents.

A. either….or

B. neither….nor

___________ the father _____ the mother has to attend the meeting.

A. either….or

B. neither….nor

You can go left. You can go right.

A. You can either go left or right.

B. You can neither go left nor right.

The curry is _______ spicy __________ salty. It is tasteless.

A. either … or

B. neither … nor

C. neither … or

D. either … nor

____________ the teacher ______ the students were in the classroom this morning.

A. neither….nor

B. either…or

My grandmother can _____read _____write. She is illiterate.

A. either…or

B. neither…nor

_________my mother ______my sister at home. It’s too quiet.

A. Either…or

B. Neither…nor

_____________ you clean your room _____________ you will stay home this weekend.

A. either/or

B. whether/or

C. not only/but also

D. both/and

She plans__________ to make pasta ___soup for dinner.

A. neither…….nor

B. either…..or

You can have ________ coffee ____tea.

A. neither…..nor

B. either…..or


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