Grammar Quiz

Gerund vs Infinitive Quiz


Josh offered ________ the tickets in advance.

A. to get

B. getting

My friends invitied me to a party. I didn’t habe any plans, so I decided ________.

A. to go

B. going

Sam had to stop ________ football because he had injured his knee earlier.

A. to play

B. playing

I forgot _______ Helen about the party.

A. to tell

B. telling

My sister and I enjoy ________ horror films.

A. to watch

B. watching

Jake was really thirsty after the race, so he stopped _________ water.

A. to drink

B. drinking

I need ________ some new shoes.

A. to buy

B. buying

Stop _______ out of the window and pay attention!

A. to look

B. looking

I want _______

A. to apologize

B. apologizing

I’ve finished _______ my homework

A. to do

B. doing

I’ve agreed _________ Max at the bus stop.

A. to meet

B. meeting


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