Grammar Quiz

IELTS Grammar Quiz


The court ________ him to five years in prison

A. sentenced

B. ordered

C. sent

Allow me to be the first to _________ your stunning achievement

A. tell you

B. congratulate you on

C. mention to you

Argentina, ________ is well-known for its mountains, is a very popular with ski-tourists

A. who

B. that

C. which

He wouldn’t be so successful now if he __________ so hard when he was at school

A. didn’t study

B. wouldn’t have studied

C. hadn’t studied

I don’t know if I can do it but I’ll ________ a go

A. make

B. give

C. have

_________ carefully, a hamster can be a good pet

A. Handled

B. Handling

C. Handle

There were about five hundred _________ so loads to transport

A. or

B. but

C. and

The conclusions of the climate deniers are _________ wrong

A. up to a point

B. primarily

C. fundamentally

She didn’t ________ to wait long for the bus, only a few minutes

A. got

B. ought

C. have

She lives in a beautiful cottage _____________ the sea

A. at

B. by

C. in

D. on

I think organizing a conference _________ be an excellent idea

A. is bound to

B. mustn’t

C. would

He gave me a lovely ____________ chocolates for my birthday

A. packet of

B. box of

C. bunch of

D. piece of

The thing _________, we haven’t enough money for the tickets

A. that

B. is

C. what

I________with people when they leave me alone.

A. take on

B. get on well

C. get by

You need to work really ________ if you want to be a success

A. hard

B. hardfully

C. hardly

I _________ some of my old photos when I was clearing out the shed

A. turned on

B. came across

C. caught up

_________, to get online, I am just posting the results of the weekend races

A. Slow as I am

B. By which point

C. Much as I’m slow

Yes, but the fact of the ________ is that is that you can start a home based business without much stress at all

A. problem

B. matter

C. question

I don’t think he __________ ready on time

A. is being

B. will be

C. will being

My mother’s company ___________ a profit of $100,000 last year

A. earned

B. took

C. made

D. gave


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