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If I had a car, I ………………………… school.

A. drive

B. will drive

C. would drive

D. would have driven

I wish our football team ______ a place in the World Cup 2026.

A. wins

B. won

C. would win

D. had win

They can’t join in the club because they don’t have the member cards.

A. If they could join in the club, they had the member cards.

B. They can’t join in the club if they don’t have the member cards.

C. If they had the member cards, they could join in the club.

D. They could have joined in the club if they had had the member cards.

Mary wishes she ______online at this time.

A. wouldn’t study

B. hadn’t studied

C. didn’t study

D. doesn’t study

If only you________ by me right now.

A. stand

B. stood

C. had stood

D. would stand

If I … (finish) my assignment tonight, I will go to Mall with my friends.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. would finishes

D. had finished

George would have met Mary _____ to his brother’s graduation party.

A. if he didn’t go

B. if he has not gone

C. if he hadn’t gone

D. if he shouldn’t have gone

We ………………… if we had been invited.

A. would have come

B. would have came

C. will come

D. would come

If there had been enough water, the rice fields _____ more productive.

A. would have been

B. will have been

C. will be

D. would be

If you ……………………… late, we wouldn’t have missed the bus.

A. aren’t

B. isn’t

C. weren’t

D. hadn’t been

You…… (earn) money if you don’t have job.

A. will earn

B. will not earn

C. earns

D. earns

Dinda would buy tens luxury houses if she … (win) the lottery.

A. win

B. wins

C. won

D. had won

I didn’t realise English was such an important subject. If I ________, I would have studied harder.

A. realised

B. had realised

C. had been realised

D. realise

If I had my own car, I ……………. take the bus to work every day.

A. wouldn’t have to

B. won’t have to

C. will have to

D. wouldn’t had to

Indonesian people would be safe from corona if they … (keep) healthy environment.

A. keep

B. kept

C. keeping

D. had kept

If I ___________ in London now, I could visit British Museum.

A. were

B. had been

C. have been

D. would be

If we … (wake up) earlier, we would have reached school.

A. wake up

B. woke up

C. woken up

D. had woken up

I will check your Motorcycle if he…

A. Allow

B. Allowed

C. Alllows

D. Allowing

I’ll buy a new dress if I ………… enough money

A. had

B. has

C. have

D. had had

If you get back late, I………………. angry.

A. be

B. will be

C. will am

D. is

These students talked too much in class.

A. I wish these students talked too much in class.

B. I wish these students had talked too much in class.

C. I wish these students hadn’t talked too much in class.

D. I wish these students didn’t talk too much in class.

Jane would be very happy if someone ………………… her a job.

A. offer

B. offers

C. offered

D. had offered

If you do what you tell others, they ______ in you.

A. would believe

B. won’t believe

C. believe

D. will believe

If we ……………… on holiday this summer, we’ll go to Spain.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. had gone

If it _____ rain tomorrow, we’ll have a picnic.

A. doesn’t

B. wouldn’t

C. didn’t

D. won’t


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