Grammar Quiz



Dinda would buy tens luxury houses if she … (win) the lottery.

A. win

B. wins

C. won

D. had won

She’ll stay in London if she …………………………. a job.

A. got

B. will get

C. get

D. gets

They can’t join in the club because they don’t have the member cards.

A. If they could join in the club, they had the member cards.

B. They can’t join in the club if they don’t have the member cards.

C. If they had the member cards, they could join in the club.

D. They could have joined in the club if they had had the member cards.

If I won the lottery, I ______you half the money.

A. had given

B. give

C. gave

D. would give

If I had my own car, I ……………. take the bus to work every day.

A. wouldn’t have to

B. won’t have to

C. will have to

D. wouldn’t had to

They…………………………… on holiday if they have time.

A. will go

B. would go

C. would gone

D. would have gone

If I _____ you, I wouldn’t return to call.

A. be

B. am

C. were

D. had been

I didn’t realise English was such an important subject. If I ________, I would have studied harder.

A. realised

B. had realised

C. had been realised

D. realise

If she …………………. foreign languages, she would get a job more easily.

A. speaks

B. speak

C. spoke

D. had spoken

If you study harder every day, you ______ the examination.

A. passing

B. pass

C. passed

D. will pass

Mary wishes she ______online at this time.

A. wouldn’t study

B. hadn’t studied

C. didn’t study

D. doesn’t study

If she had studied, she ………………the exam.

A. would have passed

B. will pass

C. would pass

D. would passed

Her parents didn’t attend her graduation ceremony. They regret it now.

A. If only her parents could attend her graduation ceremony.

B. Her parents wish they had attended her graduation ceremony.

C. Her parents regret having attended her graduation ceremony.

D. If her parents attended her graduation ceremony, they would regret it.

If he _________ ill yesterday, he would have taken part in the football match.

A. hasn’t been                

B. wouldn’t be            

C. weren’t

D. hadn’t been

If only you________ by me right now.

A. stand

B. stood

C. had stood

D. would stand

You…… (earn) money if you don’t have job.

A. will earn

B. will not earn

C. earns

D. earns

If I……………………… the lottery, I would prepare myself for a new life.

A. had won

B. won

C. wins

D. win

I wish our football team ______ a place in the World Cup 2026.

A. wins

B. won

C. would win

D. had win

If I … (finish) my assignment tonight, I will go to Mall with my friends.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. would finishes

D. had finished

If we ……………… on holiday this summer, we’ll go to Spain.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. had gone

If it _____ rain tomorrow, we’ll have a picnic.

A. doesn’t

B. wouldn’t

C. didn’t

D. won’t

I will check your Motorcycle if he…

A. Allow

B. Allowed

C. Alllows

D. Allowing

If there had been enough water, the rice fields _____ more productive.

A. would have been

B. will have been

C. will be

D. would be

We would have been in time if we _____ five minutes earlier.

A. had started

B. started

C. have started

D. start

If I _____ rich, I _____ a castle.

A. am, will buy

B. am, buy

C. were, would buy

D. had been, would have bought


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