Grammar Quiz

Infinitive Gerund Quiz


Would you mind ____________ the window for me,please?

A. open

B. to open

C. opened

D. opening

The police told David that ____ old ladies was a terrible thing to do.

A. to attack

B. attacking

C. attack

My English teacher……………….. us an extra class every Friday

A. Offer

B. offerred

C. suggest

D. offers

E. suggested

When I met her I couldn’t help ______ her.

A. hug

B. huges

C. to hug

D. hugging

The lawyer __________________ his client not to discuss the case with anyone.

A. suggest

B. recommendation

C. advised

The child denied ……. the piece of candy.

A. steal

B. to steal

C. to stealing

D. stealing

I don’t fancy ______________ (go) out tonight.

A. to go 

B. go 

C. going

Henry doesn’t mind _____ his duck a bath every day.

A. to give

B. giving

C. give

I saw him ________ in his room

A. to sing

B. sung

C. sing

D. sang

One of my employees failed ………………. the deadline.

A. to meet 

B. meeting 

She admitted ………… to her husband.

A. to lie

B. lying

Huy’d better ________ an umbrella.

A. take

B. to take

C. taking

D. to be taken

By having made this decision she risked …………. all her fortune.

A. losing

B. to lose

Cherry suggested________a movie after school.

A. to see

B. seeing

C. see

D. sea

You’ve never mentioned__________in Japan before.

A. to be

B. being

C. be

I miss______in the travel industry.

A. work

B. working

C. to work

My husband is considering ………………. the job.

A. changing

B. to change

You can’t afford ______ that car. Why not wait and save some more money instead of taking a loan out right now?

A. buying

B. buy

C. to buy

Héctor didn’t mean ______ asleep in class today. He’s just tired.

A. to fall

B. falling

C. fall

The company offered her ……………. her office for a bigger one.

A. changing

B. to change


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