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Modal and Phrasal Verbs Quiz


Don’t stop, … doing the exercise.

A. Carry on

B. Come up with

C. Run out off

Why don’t you … judo?

A. Call for

B. Take up

C. Make up

I tried to … all day long, but nobody answered the phone.

A. Get through

B. Get along with

C. Get by

Charlie … his coat and sat down.

A. Took up

B. Took off

C. Took away

D. Took over

John _______ his leg at the baseball game.

A. Broke

B. Broke down

C. Broke off

It was the principle of the tiling. People ….. to keep their words.

A. Are able

B. Should

C. Have

D. Ought

…. you please be quiet? I’m trying to read.

A. Would

B. Can

C. Shall

D. Should

My grandfather …. speak six languages many years ago.

A. Should

B. Could

C. Need

D. Shall

It’s a secret. You ….. tell anyone.

A. needn’t

B. shouldn’t

C. wouldn’t

D. mustn’t

The situation was bad
but it …. be worse.

A. should be

B. could have been

C. could

D. would have been

I didn’t …. to get up early, so I didn’t.

A. Must

B. Need

C. Should

D. Ought

If you want to become a teacher, you …… go to teachers training college for four years.

A. Have to

B. Should

C. May

D. Must

Kris …. be able to help them.

A. might

B. Could

C. Should

D. Shall

I have to _______ to the finish line and back.

A. Run away

B. Run

C. Run out of

The weather in winter really  … me … .

A. Takes …. up

B. Calls … for

C. Gets … down

The dustmen are coming to … the rubbish.

A. Take down

B. Take off

C. Take out

D. Take away

I understand it very well. You … explain further.

A. Mustn’t

B. Needn’t

C. Wouldn’t

D. Shouldn’t

Hello, … I speak to Tom, please?

A. Will

B. Shall

C. Can

D. Would

The author has just … a new detective story.

A. Brought up

B. Brought in

C. Brought out

D. Brought round

Take an umbrella. It …. rain later.

A. Can

B. Might

C. Would

D. Should

When was the institute …?

A. Set up

B. Run up

C. Made up

He can’t … his mind about what to do next.

A. Make up

B. Make out

C. Make in

D. Make with

I’ll ….. go now. My friends are waiting.

A. Be able to

B. Have to

C. Need

D. Must

….. you like a cup of coffee?

A. Will

B. Could

C. Would

D. Should

… I have one of these cakes?

A. Could

B. Must

C. Have to

D. May


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