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Modals for Advice, Obligation/Prohibition, Necessity and Lack of Necessity Quiz


Choose the correct option. Your hair is too long. It _______.

A. needs cutting

B. needs cut

C. need to cut

D. needn’t cutting

Which sentence hasn’t got the same meaning of the others?

A. It is forbidden to use this exit except in an emergency.

B. You can’t use this exit in an emergency.

C. You mustn’t use this exit except in an emergency.

D. You must use this exit only in an emergency.

Which sentence is correct?

A. I don’t think you should tell him what happened.

B. The doctor doesn’t think I should to go on a diet.

C. We don’t think they ought to not keep animals in those conditions.

D. My dad thinks I shouldn’t to go out with Steve any more.

Which sentence is correct?

A. Last month, the organisers must cancel the competition.

B. You must to send in your new competition entries by 14th July.

C. You must include your name, address and age.

D. Winners will must accept the final decision of the organisers.

“Which advice is not logical for this situation? Lauren wants her parents to give her morepocket money.”

A. She should offer to help more around the house.

B. She ought not to argue with her parents.

C. She shouldn’t show her parents she is responsible.

D. She should explain the situation to them calmly.

Choose the correct option. Students _______ pay attention in class.

A. ought

B. should

C. shouldn’t

D. ought not

Which option is incorrect? _______ for tonight. The restaurant is never busy on Wednesdays.

A. We don’t need to book a table

B. There’s no need to book a table

C. You don’t have to book a table

D. The table needs booking

Which answer is incorrect? ‘Should Alan go on Big Brother?’ ‘_______’

A. Yes, he should.

B. Yes, he ought to do it.

C. No, I don’t think he should.

D. No, I think he oughtn’t.

Which option is incorrect? Jackie already knows about the invitation so you _______ tell her.

A. don’t have to

B. mustn’t

C. needn’t

D. don’t need to

Which sentence is correct?

A. John is very unfit and he need to do more exercise.

B. Need he to go to the gym every day?

C. He doesn’t need to work out every day.

D. He needs eat less junk food too.

Which sentence is incorrect?

A. I’ve got to hand in my assignment by Tuesday.

B. He’s to go to the dentist this afternoon.

C. Sorry, but we have to leave now.

D. They’ve got to work until 8 p.m. tonight.

Which sentence is incorrect?

A. Teachers need to plan their lessons.

B. Teachers have to correct homework.

C. Teachers don’t need to wear a uniform.

D. Teachers don’t have to hit their students.

In which sentence can’t you substitute must with have to?

A. You must register online before you can make a purchase.

B. I haven’t seen my grandma since Christmas. I must see her soon.

C. You must answer all the questions on the test.

D. Claire must wear glasses for driving.

Which is the most formal option? This is a disaster. What _______ do?

A. shall we

B. shall I

C. should we

D. ought we

Which sentence is incorrect?

A. What had you to do in the test?

B. We’ve had to cancel the race because of the weather.

C. Does he have to wear a uniform at work?

D. You’ll have to work harder next year.


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