Grammar Quiz

Adjective and Adverb Quiz


The man is ___________. He helps me with my problems.

A. kind

B. kindly

Anna danced ________. Everybody at the party was surprised

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

You can learn English _________.

A. easy

B. easily

She is doing her work ________________.

A. good

B. well

The fast runner left everyone behind.

A. Adjective

B. Adverb

Anna finished her work ________.

A. successful

B. successfully

Peter walked home _______ because it was _______.

A. quickly – late

B. quick – lately

Choose the correct answer:
My friend speaks English _____________.

A. good

B. well

C. alright

Peter was ____________ at our gift.

A. surprised

B. surprisedly

These questions are so ________. I can’t do them

A. difficult

B. difficultly

The python moves ________.

A. quiet

B. quietly

The Rabbit ran so ______ that the tortoise couldn’t see it.

A. fast

B. fastly

I was _______ because Jane couldn’t come to our party

A. sad

B. sadly

You shouldn’t drive ________________.

A. careless

B. carelessly

The teacher said ________. I can’t hear her.

A. quick

B. quickly

Those chairs look extremely comfortable.

A. adjective

B. adverb

The plane flew dangerously close to the church steeple.

A. adjective

B. adverb

The skaters performed most gracefully.

A. adjective

B. adverb

This football match was so ________. I didn’t watch it till the end.

A. boring

B. boringly

I love my house. It is _____________

A. warm and comfortable

B. warmly and comfortably


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