Grammar Quiz

Present Continuous Quiz


_____they coming over for dinner?

A. Are

B. Is

C. Am

D. Do

His brother _________________exercise in the gym right now.

A. are doing

B. is doing

C. does

D. is does

To make negative sentences we use the following structure:

A. Subject + am/is/are + verb +ing

B. Subject + am/is/are not + verb +ing

C. Subject + am/is/are don’t + verb +ing

D. Subject + am/is/are will + verb +ing

I ______________in the pool at the moment.

A. are swimming

B. am swimming

C. swim

D. am

I……………. cooking the meat.

A. Am

B. Are

C. Is


______you receiving your e-mail now?

A. Is

B. Am

C. Are

D. Do

We _____________________to the pop music at the moment.

A. listen

B. am listening

C. are listening

D. is listening

Noy and Naly………………. speaking about the game.

A. Am

B. Is

C. Are

D. All corrects

My parents ……………… in the garden at the moment.

A. work

B. working

C. are working

D. works

Our mother _______________the table at the moment.

A. is set

B. is setting

C. sets

D. are setting

Chandee……….. doing his homework.

A. Are

B. Is

C. Am


Look! The bus (come).

A. comes

B. is coming

C. is comeing

We use the present continuous for things that happened in the past.



Why ____ your sister ____? She looks very sad.

A. is, cry

B. is, crying

C. are, cry

D. are, crying

choose the correct answer:

A. She is not baking cookies

B. She’s not baked cookies

C. She doesn’t bake cooking

D. She won’t cooking

Dandy . . . TV right now (-), but he is studying

A. am not watching

B. isn’t watching

C. aren’t watching

Complete the senteces (present continuous tense)
Mary______ ______(work) in the office

A. are/ works

B. is/working

C. are/working

D. was/working

She is ________ a hamburger.

A. eats

B. eating

C. ate

I can’t talk to you right now because I …..

A. am studying

B. are studying

C. is studying

D. studying

I __________ (travel) to Miami at the moment.

A. am travels

B. ‘m traveling

C. is travelling

My parents____thinking about it right now.

A. ‘m not

B. isn’t

C. aren’t

(A) Are you studying English now?
(B) Yes, I ….  
A. do
B. am
C. are
D. did

she … studying English

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. do

She______teaching English now.

A. be

B. are

C. am

D. is

What is Mark doing?

A. I’m getting up

B. She’s getting up

C. Mark getting up

D. He’s getting up


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