Grammar Quiz

Present Continuous Quiz


I _____ my dinner right now.

A. eat

B. eating

C. am eating

D. eatting

He ____________________at the top of the mountain right now .

A. is climbing

B. are climbing

C. am climbing

D. climbs

What book (you/ read) at the moment?

A. are you reading

B. you are reading

C. do you read

Who (she/ chat) to now?

A. is she chatting

B. she is chatting

C. is she chating

Are you reading now? – Yes, I ….

A. are read

B. are reading

C. am reading

D. is read

When we want to talk about things that are happening at the moment we speak we must use

A. Past continuous

B. Present perfect

C. Present continuous

She is my girlfriend. We

A. are getting married the next month

B. will get married the next month

C. are going to get married the next month

A: Is your mother making dinner?

B: Yes, ___.

A. you are

B. she is

C. you are making

D. she is making

I . . . for my last exam (+)

A. am studying

B. is studying

C. are studying

Lea and I (paint) the fences today.

A. paint

B. is painting

C. are painting

(A) … doing?  
(B) I am washing dishes. 
A. What are you
B. What you
C. What do you

The doctor . . . the babies and small kids (+)

A. am vaccinating

B. is vaccinating

C. are vaccinating

What ………………. (you/do) now?

A. is you doing

B. are you doing

C. you are doing

D. do you do

To make questions we use the following structure:

A. Am/is/are + subject + verb +ing

B. Do + subject + verb +ing

C. Will + subject + verb +ing

D. DON’T + subject + verb +ing

My dog is ________ water.

A. drank

B. drink

C. drinking

You (use) my mobile phone now.

A. use

B. uses

C. are using

Tara ___ the plates on the table.

A. is putting

B. are putting

C. putting

D. am putting

It’s very noisy upstairs! What ___?

A. are they doing

B. am I doing

C. they doing

D. do they do

He_____having big problems now.

A. am

B. is

C. be

D. are

_________Andrea________(play) hockey in the summer?

A. is:played

B. is:playing

C. are:played

D. is:play

Carlos_________________(talk) with his girlfriend

A. is talk

B. is talking

C. are talk

D. are talking

I _____ games in the bedroom now.

A. am playing

B. playing

C. are playing

D. to play

To make negative sentences we use the following structure:

A. Subject + am/is/are + verb +ing

B. Subject + am/is/are not + verb +ing

C. Subject + am/is/are don’t + verb +ing

D. Subject + am/is/are will + verb +ing

______ my best friends ________ in an expensive hotel?




A: Where is Ahmed?

B: He ___ his car.

A. are washing

B. is washing

C. am washing

D. aren’t washing


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