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Passive Sentence Quiz


“Those eggs of different colors are very artistic”.

“Yes, they_____ in Russia”.

A. Were painted

B. were paint

C. were painting

D. painted

Andy is writing an active sentence.

A. Active

B. Passive

Something funny ………………………in class yesterday

A. A. happened

B. B. was happened

C. C. happens

D. D. is happened

Clara is writing her work.

A. Active

B. Passive

“Whatever happened t that fortune – teller?”

“I don’t know. She _____ around her in a long time”.

A. hasn’t seen

B. didn’t see

C. Hasn’t been seeing

D. hasn’t been seen

The book is being copied by Aldira.

A. Active

B. Passive

The students loved Mr. Johny so much.

A. Active

B. Passive

The floor…since yesterday.

A. Has not swept

B. Not being swept

C. Has not been swept

D. Will be swept

What is the correct passive for the sentence “Can she edit the text?”

A. Can the text edit?

B. Can she edit the text?

C. Can the text be edited?

D. Does the text edit ?

English __________ since 2002.

A. A. have been learned

B. B. has been learnt

C. C. has to learn

D. D. have to learn

“Where’s the old chicken coop?”

“It_____ by a windstorm last year.”

A. destroy

B. is destroyed

C. was destroyed

D. destroyed

I will be chosen as the winner.

A. Active

B. Passive

“Where are Jack and Jan?”

“They_____ the boxes you asked for into the house”.

A. have been bringing

B. bringing

C. have been brought

D. To bring

“We’re still looking for Thomas”.

“Hasn’t he_____ yet?”.

A. been found

B. To find

C. found

D. being found

Today, many serious childhood diseases………………………by early immunization.

A. A. are preventing

B. B. can prevent

C. C. prevent

D. D. can be prevented

. “The maintenance people didn’t remove the chairs from the ballroom”.

“Don’t worry. They _____ them before the dance begins”

A. will have been moved

B. will have moved

C. Were moved

D. moved

The novel…to our school two days ago.

A. is donated

B. will be donated

C. was donated

D. has been donated

All planes_____ before departure

A. will checked

B. will has checked

C. will be checked

D. Will been checked

The family built a house that uses energy efficiently.

A. Active Voice

B. Passive Voice

choose the correct answer for passive voice (present simple)

A. He places an advert in the paper

B. An advert is placed in the paper

The telephones………… Alexander Graham Bell.

A. A. is invented

B. B. is inventing

C. C. invented

D. D. was invented

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony………………… weekend.

A. A. is going to be performed

B. B. has been performed

C. C. will be performing

D. D. will have perform

The passive sentence for “My friends invited all students in our class to her party yesterday” is…

A. Yesterday my friends invited all the students.

B. I was not invited yesterday

C. Yesterday was her party.

D. All students were invited to her party yesterday.

My wedding ring …………………. yellow and white gold.

A. A. is made

B. B. is making

C. C. made

D. D. make

The boy…………………….by the teacher yesterday.

A. A. punish

B. B. punished

C. C. punishing

D. D. was punished


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