Homophone & Homonym Quiz


What change should be made?

If it’s cold, wear warm close.

A. Change it’s to its.

B. Change wear to ware.

C. Remove the comma.

D. Change close to clothes.

The boy gave his father a ________________ of socks for his birthday.
A. pair
B. pear

    Jimmy threw a fit when Mom said no.
A.     display anger
B.     healthy

    Liz always rites with a purple pen.
A.     writing instrument
B.     confinement for animals

    Bobby said he saw you in town today.
A.     toothed cutting tool
B.     past tense of see

Come jump on my surf _________.
A. board
B. bored

What change should be made?

I herd what you said!

A. Change I to i.

B. Change herd to heard.

C. Change said to sed.

D. Insert a comma after what.

    The bride wanted china for her table.
A.     dinnerware
B.     a nation

The boat’s ________ blew rapidly in the wind.

A. sale

B. sail

A homophone is …
A. A word that sounds the same
B. A word that is spelt the same
C. A word that has the same meaning
D. A word that has the opposite meaning

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