Root Word Quiz


Geo means _______
A. Earth or rock
B. All science
C. Life

A microscope, periscope and telescope are all instruments used to 
A. hear
B. see
C. smell
D. taste

The prefix “dis” means:
A. before
B. after
C. cause to
D. not, opposite of

What does the word microscope mean?
A. A tiny scope
B. A device used to see small things
C. A device used to see small things
D. A tiny creature

a text written by a person about his/her own life
A. autograph
B. automobile
C. autobiography
D. automatic

A science that deals with things that are alive, such as plants and animals. 
A. antibiotic
B. biology
C. biography

A. self
B. value
C. matically
D. equal

a person’s signature
A. automobile
B. autograph
C. autoselect
D. automatic

The text structure of this passage is ________ order.  It presents information on Abraham Lincoln from his birth to his death.
A. chronological
B. alphabetical
C. cause/effect
D. problem/solution

Hydrophobia is 
A. fear of water
B. fear of snakes
C. fear of animals
D. fear of France


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