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Root Word Quiz


a text written by a person about his/her own life
A. autograph
B. automobile
C. autobiography
D. automatic

What does the root bio mean?
A. life
B. to throw or toss
C. to speak 
D. health

A microscope, periscope and telescope are all instruments used to 
A. hear
B. see
C. smell
D. taste

What does the word microscope mean?
A. A tiny scope
B. A device used to see small things
C. A device used to see small things
D. A tiny creature

The story of a real person’s life written by another person. 
A. biology
B. biohazard
C. biography

The text structure of this passage is ________ order.  It presents information on Abraham Lincoln from his birth to his death.
A. chronological
B. alphabetical
C. cause/effect
D. problem/solution

A. self
B. value
C. matically
D. equal

A _____________ studies the Earth.
A. biologist
B. podiatrist
C. geologist
D. archeologist

Hydrophobia is 
A. fear of water
B. fear of snakes
C. fear of animals
D. fear of France

The root word “scope” means:
A. to hear
B. to feel
C. to see
D. mouthwash

A root word is: 
A. the base of the word that we can add prefixes and suffixes to
B. a suffix at the end of a word part
C. a prefix at the beginning of a word part
D. an unknown word

Geo means _______
A. Earth or rock
B. All science
C. Life

What is a prefix? 
A. word part in the middle
B. word part at the end
C. root word
D. word part at the beginning

A science that deals with things that are alive, such as plants and animals. 
A. antibiotic
B. biology
C. biography

The root word “graph” means
A. draw, write, record
B. to cast or throw
C. idea, speech, reason
D. essay/novel

The root word “graph” means:
A. to color
B. to see
C. to write, written

What does chron mean?
A. Time
B. Space
C. Plants
D. Heat

The prefix “dis” means:
A. before
B. after
C. cause to
D. not, opposite of

The meaning of “hydro” is
A. earth
B. water
C. life
D. air

a person’s signature
A. automobile
B. autograph
C. autoselect
D. automatic


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