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Past Simple & Past Continuous Quiz


When the two police officers ______ my doorbell, I ______ dinner with my wife.

A. rang/was having

B. was ringing/had

C. rang/had

D. was ringing/was having

When John worked in the marketing department of Allied Software, he never ______ a day of work.

A. was missing

B. misses

C. missed

D. miss

While he ______ the window above the door, he ______ off the chair and broke his leg.

A. was cleaning/ fall

B. cleaned/fell

C. was cleaning/fell

D. was cleaning/was fall

People ______ to arrive at 6:30 a.m. for the sale. My neighbors ______ everything ready then.

A. were beginning/got

B. began/were still getting

C. were began/still got

D. began/got

A: What were you looking for the last time you went shopping?B: I ______ for a leather jacket.

A. looked

B. looks

C. have looked

D. was looking

A: Did you ever advertise anything when you were younger? How did you advertise it? B: I ______ ads on telephone poles to advertise my lemonade stand.

A. was putting

B. put

C. was puting

D. have put

My neighbors ______ ready to move to another city, so they ______ to have a garage sale.

A. got/decided

B. were getting/were deciding

C. were getting/decided

D. got/were deciding

When the big car company in town went out of business, many people ______ for new jobs because they were expecting the company to close.

A. looked

B. looking

C. were already looking

D. look

This morning I saw Judy while she ______ her bike around the lake and ______ photos of some of the rarest birds in the world.

A. was riding/was taking

B. rode/took

C. was riding/took

D. rode/was taking

A: Who were you shopping with the last time you went shopping?B: I ______ with my sister.

A. shopped

B. was shopping

C. shop

D. shopping

She ______ the fireworks at midnight when she ______ an action film on tv.

A. was hearing/ was watching

B. heard/was watching

C. heard/watched

D. was hearing/watched

When we ______ at the party, everyone ______ to old rock and roll songs.

A. were arriving/danced

B. arrived/danced

C. arrived/were dancing

D. were arriving/were dancing


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