Grammar Quiz

Past Simple Verbs Quiz


My sister ___ (fly) to Sydney yesterday.

A. flew

B. flied

C. flown

They ___ (speak) English fluently.

A. speaked

B. spoke

C. spoken

Henry ___ (ski) down the hill.

A. skied

B. skid

C. skies

She ___ (tell) me that she was moving

A. told

B. tolled

C. tolt

I ___ (help) my mother in the kitchen.

A. helpt

B. helpped

C. helped

He ___ (forget) to buy milk.

A. forgotten

B. forgetted

C. forgot

We ___ (watch) an interesting film.

A. watches

B. watchd

C. watched

They ___ (wash) their clothes in the bathroom.

A. washd

B. washt

C. washed

The girl ___ (skip) very fast.

A. skips

B. skipped

C. skiped

We ___ (open) the door.

A. opend

B. opnenned

C. opened

We ___ (walk) in the park.

A. Walked

B. walkt

C. walk

Gina ___ (play) basketball.

A. plays

B. played

C. plaied

We ___ (lose) our phones.

A. losed

B. lost

C. losd

It ___ (snow) last winter.

A. snowed

B. snowd

C. snowt

Children ___ (dress) quickly.

A. Dressd

B. Dressed

C. Dress


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