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Adjective / Noun + to Infinitive Quiz


It isn’t ____ for him to take charge of the financial burden on his family.

A. boring

B. expensive

C. easy

D. mind

It is ____ for him to enjoy the party because he’s fairly busy now.

A. unlike

B. likable

C. likely

D. unlikely

We’re disappointed ____ that our sales have declined sharply in the last 2 months.

A. to hear

B. to heard

C. not to hear

D. hearing

We’re ____ to announce that you were selected to be our new faculty manager.

A. happily

B. unhappy

C. happiness

D. happy

I feel very proud ____ an important part of the English club.

A. to be

B. of be

C. being

D. is

My parents are glad ____ my success in finding a job after graduation.

A. to see

B. seeing

C. see

D. saw

Thank you for your kind offer ____ a dinner at your apartment. It was excellent.

A. having

B. to have

C. had

D. have

It would be unreasonable ____ him ____ you money if you didn’t pay it back.

A. to expect/lend

B. to expect/to lend

C. expect/to lend

D. expecting/lend

She left a message with a request ____ in the contract.

A. not to sign

B. not sign

C. to not sign

D. don’t sign

My father made a determined effort ____ a new company.

A. to setting up

B. to set up

C. setting up

D. set up

After failing many times in ____ a new dish, she made a decision ____.

A. creating/giving up

B. to create/to give up

C. to create/give up

D. creating/to give up

We appreciated more opportunities ____ part in the story-telling contest.

A. giving/to take

B. to give/taking

C. given/to take

D. being given/to take

Don’t be afraid ____ me if you have any further queries.

A. not to ask

B. asking

C. to asking

D. to ask

My teacher always gives me advice ____ suitable career in the future.

A. choosing

B. to choose

C. choose

D. not to choose

I found it truly ____ to hear that Mr. Kim had been appointed to the committee.

A. surprise

B. surprised

C. surprising

D. surprisingly

It is unnecessary for ____ to do this task. It’s not ours.

A. we

B. us

C. they

D. our

His ability ____ mathematics in a short time is wholly admirable.

A. not to work out

B. work out

C. to work out

D. working out

It is great that you ____ for my organization. I hope you’ll gain more experience here.

A. to work

B. working

C. can work

D. works

I’m sorry ____ that your enterprise has been declared bankrupt.

A. to hear

B. for hearing

C. hear

D. All are correct

It’s ____ for us to submit the project on time as it’s really difficult.

A. possible

B. simple

C. impossible

D. Both B and C


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