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Past Simple VS Used to Quiz


Last summer my family and I … a lot.

A. travelled

B. used to travel

C. used to travelled

D. traveld

Mary … a lot of money on her clothes.

A. doesn’t use to spend

B. didn’t use to spent

C. doesn’t use to spent

D. didn’t use to spend

Last Christmas I … a new laptop from Santa.

A. used to get

B. gave

C. got

D. used to got

In childhood we … to Paris at Christmas.

A. used to went

B. used to go

C. went

D. goes

Last Sunday I … a yummy breakfast for the whole family.

A. cookd

B. cooked

C. used to cook

D. use to cooked

My sister … only good marks at school.

A. used to get

B. didn’t used to get

C. use to got

D. didn’t used to got

They … presents to each other, but now they don’t.

A. used to give

B. used to gave

C. gave

D. gived

The aunt … to a diet when she was ill.

A. used to kept

B. used to keep

C. kept

D. keeped

Nelly … a meal for the whole family, but now it is her husband’s duty.

A. cooked

B. used to cooked

C. doesn’t used to cook

D. used to cook

My father … jogging when he was young, but now he can’t.

A. used to go

B. use to go

C. went

D. goes

Ted … in for swimming, when he was 9.

A. used to went

B. use to went

C. used to go

D. went

My uncle … when he was younger.

A. use to travelled

B. used to travel

C. travelled

D. didn’t used to travelled

My sister … 10 at yesterday’s English lesson.

A. geted

B. gotten

C. used to get

D. got


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