Grammar Quiz

Past Tense Quiz


What is the simple past of drink?

A. drinks

B. drank

C. didn’t drink

D. drinking

Indra and Rendra ….. (read) the book in the library last afternoon.

A. read

B. reads

C. readed

D. rode

Last night at 10 pm, I was ——-dinner

A. eat

B. eating

C. ate

D. eaten

I __ video games ever since I __ little. (play/to be)

A. play — am

B. played — am

C. play — were

D. played — was

I ………………………. TV when dad arrived.

A. watched

B. was watching

C. had watched

They ——–have a tv set so after dinner they—— for a while and then they—– went to sleep.

A. not, talk,go

B. didnot,talk,go

C. didnot,talked,went

D. didnot,talk,went

Did you bring my bag last night?

the positive form of the sentence is …

A. You brought my bag last night

B. You bring my bag last night

C. You brings my bag last night

D. You bringing my bag last night

In 2016 my dad …(sell) his old motorbike. 

A. sold

B. selled

C. solded

D. used to sell

The book I bought ________ all the pages.

A. did not have

B. do not have

I could not hear him because he ________________ very softly.

A. spoke

B. speaks

C. speak

D. speaking

My uncle —- a kite two days ago.

A. made

B. makes

C. is making

D. maked

My bag ________ blue.

A. is

B. am

C. are

Peter______ to bed early last night.

A. did not went

B. dose not go

C. didn’t go

D. don’t went

We had a great time, the weather ______perfect

A. be

B. was

C. was being

D. were

Sandra …… (swim) at the river last semester.

A. swimed

B. swam

C. swum

D. swimmed

Where …… you go last summer?

A. was

B. were

C. did

D. do

Siti __________ her parents after she got the presents

A. thanked

B. thanks

C. thank

He (win) ___________ the gold medal for the long jump on 11 September 2016.

A. winning

B. won

C. want

D. wins

I (run)____ in the marathon.

A. run

B. ran

C. ron

I ________ John yesterday, but he _______ so he was too tired to chat.

A. saw / had run

B. had been seeing / run

C. saw / had been running

D. saw / run

Choose the Past Simple of this word.


A. puts

B. putted

C. put

D. puted

He ______ only twice in his life before the accident.

A. had drived

B. driven

C. has driven

D. had driven

The structure for affirmative sentences in the past simple is:

A. Subject + verb in the past + complement

B. Subject + verb + complement

C. Subject + complement + verb in past

D. Subject + verb in present + complement

After we ______ dinner we went to bed.

A. had eaten

B. had been eaten

C. ate

D. were eating

Laura ___ smartphone before so I showed her how to use

A. haven’t used

B. hadn’t used

C. didn’t use

D. doesn’t use


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