Past Tense Quiz


We _____ badminton together last week.

A. play

B. played

C. plays

Nadia ______ her homework yesterday.

A. finished

B. finish

C. finishes

She ________ quickly once she saw her ex.

A. runs

B. run

C. ran

_____ you just scream at me?

A. Did

B. Does

C. Do

Siti __________ her parents after she got the presents

A. thanked

B. thanks

C. thank

Where you ________ your holiday?

A. spend

B. spending

C. spent

He _______ to the school yesterday.

A. went

B. go

C. goes

Aina _________ Japan last year.

A. visit

B. visited

C. visiting

They ______ angry because their shoes were wet.

A. get

B. got

C. gets

Ali _______ his new car to his mother’s house.

A. drove

B. drive

C. driving


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