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Present and Past Perfect Tenses Quiz


Rick _____ been watching TV for five hours when I got home.

A. has

B. had

C. will have

We ___ not ___ any mails since we moved here a year old.

A. has … received

B. have … received

C. had … received

D. had … receive

Where ___ you ___ the presents? I cannot find them at all.

A. has … hidden

B. had … hidden

C. have … hid

D. have … hidden

When the soldiers got home, they discovered that their homes … during the war.

A. had been destroyed

B. destroyed

C. had destroyed

I’ve been _____since 5 o’clock in the morning.

A. study

B. studies

C. studied

D. studying

The Perfect Continuous Tenses are also known as _____.

A. Perfect Simple Tenses

B. Perfect Tenses

C. Perfect Progressive Tenses

D. Present, Past and Future Perfect

I ____ the movie before you mentioned it to me.

A. had seen

B. has seen

C. had saw

D. have seen

It has _____ snowing a lot this week.

A. be

B. being

C. been

The children ____ at the park earlier before the rain came.

A. has played

B. had played

C. have played

D. played

My father _____ been working in that company for 25 years by the time he retires.

A. has

B. had

C. will have

The dogs are hungry. They ___ not ___ anything the whole day.

A. had … eaten

B. had … ate

C. have … eaten

D. have … ate

I’m afraid the books you ordered………….. by Friday.

A. won’t have arrived

B. won’t have been arriving

C. will have arrived

D. will have been arriving

Jenny lost the key after she ______ to the washroom.

A. has gone

B. had gone

C. has went

D. had went

My mother has been travelling _____ two months.

A. since

B. for

C. by

D. how long

When we got to the bookshop, we were too late! The last copy … .

A. sold

B. had sold

C. had been sold

Mandy is very tired. She ___ not ___ well for two nights to rush through her project.

A. has … slept

B. has … sleep

C. had … slept

D. have … slept

The workers ____ the house. It looks bright and clean now.

A. has painted

B. had painted

C. have painted

D. paint

Select the correct sentence on future perfect

A. I will be reading this book

B. I will have read this book by tomorrow

C. I go to read the book tomorrow

D. I won’t Reading the book tomorrow

Seema ________ playing with her sister.

A. Shall be

B. Will be

C. had

D. has

I ______ a few questions. It is your turn to do so.

A. has answered

B. had answered

C. have answered

D. answer

My brother _____ the cookies before our parents reached home.

A. has finished

B. have finished

C. had finished

D. finished


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