Third Grade Exam Quiz


Goda __________ (get) up in the morning.

A. get

B. gets

What time is it?

A. It is ten past six

B. It is six o’clock

C. It is ten o’clock

D. It is half past ten

When do you __________ your teeth?

A. take

B. go

C. brush

A. It´s six past seven

B. It´s half past seven

C. It´s seven past six

D. It´s seven past half

What time is it ?
A. It’s two o’clock
B. It’s eight o’clock
C. It’s seven o’clock
D. It’s twelve o’clock

A. have breakfast

B. go to school

C. brush your teeth

A. get up

B. brush your teeth

C. get dressed

D. have breakfast

What time is it?

A. It is two past ten

B. It is ten past ten

C. It is half past ten

D. It is ten past two

What time is it?

A. It is two o’clock.

B. It is twelve o´clock.

C. It is twenty o’clock.

Adam ______ at 10:30.
A. gets to bed
B. go to sleep
C. goes to bed
D. goes bed


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