Grammar Quiz

The Present Progressive Tense Quiz


Sandra (appear) to be exhausted today

A. appears

B. is appearing

He ______ this soup

A. doesn’t like

B. isn’t liking

He _____ some soup

A. tastes

B. is tasting

This soup (taste) too salty

A. tastes

B. is tasting

The pasta (smell) so good

A. smells

B. is smelling

Some of my friends (appear) on a TV show now

A. appear

B. are appearing

I (know) one of those guys

A. know

B. am knowing

I ____ she’s telling the truth

A. think

B. am thinking

I (think) about you

A. think

B. am thinking

I (have) a good job at present time

A. have

B. am having

John and Lin (see) each other

A. see

B. are seeing

The chef is in his kitchen right now. He ______

A. cooks

B. is cooking


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