Grammar Quiz

Pronoun Quiz


X : Have you got your salary?

Y : Not yet. __________ is still in the treasurer.

A. My

B. Me

C. Mine

D. I

X : What’s wrong with ______ tail?

Y : Perhaps,it was clowed by tiger.

A. It

B. His

C. Its

D. Her

X : Where are _________ uniforms?

Y : In the cupboard.

A. They

B. Their

C. Them

D. Theirs

X : When can Mrs. Fatimah meet those students and I?

Y : She can meet ______ after having meeting.

A. We

B. Our

C. Us

D. Them

X : Have you taken your salary?

Y : Yes,I have taken ______.

A. Me

B. Yours

C. Mine

D. My salary

X : Will Mr. Ardy meet them later?

Y : I don’t think so. Mr. Ardy has an English class with _____ today.

A. Our

B. Us

C. We

D. Hers

X : Where Are your family and you going to have vacation?

Y : ______ are going to have it in Bali.

A. They

B. We

C. She

D. You

X : Where is your mother?

Y : She is selling _____ laptop on the second floor.

A. She

B. Her

C. Hers

D. Yours

X : Do you know her?

Y : Yes, I do. _______ is my cousin from Blitar.

A. He

B. They

C. We

D. She

X : Did you see my cute cats?

Y : _______ were behind the cupboard.

A. They

B. Its

C. It

D. Their

X : there are a lot of snacks in the living room.

Y : Who bought _________

A. Us

B. Her

C. It

D. Them

X : Why did the father punish ______ children?

Y : Because ________ so lazy.

A. His – They

B. Her – Them

C. Him – theirs

D. He – His


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