Grammar Quiz

Pronoun Quiz


Us / We humans are like the dinosaurs in many ways.

A. Us

B. We

X : Where is your mother?

Y : She is selling _____ laptop on the second floor.

A. She

B. Her

C. Hers

D. Yours

_____ is a nice girl.

A. You

B. She

C. they

What pronoun comes after an action verb or preposition?

A. Subject

B. Object

C. Possessive

D. Intensive

Each student must sit in _____ assigned seat.

A. his or her

B. their

Betty will do _____ homework before the game.

A. she

B. it

C. her

I told …… that they upload some photos in Instagram to show their activity.

A. they

B. themself

C. them

D. their

The singer sang ___ new song at the concert.

A. his

B. their

The cat cleans ____________ with its tongue.

A. yourself

B. myself

C. itself

D. themselves

We must keep the room clean because it is ……

A. me

B. you

C. ours

D. her

Please follow my son. _____will go to the museum

A. I

B. he

C. them

D. His

E. My

A pronoun that adds emphasis to a noun already named; usually near the subject of a sentence.

A. Subject

B. Object

C. Intensive

D. Possessive

They have their own wood gas camp stove. Why are they using … ?

A. it

B. we

C. us

D. our

E. ours

The students and me / I / we saw dinosaur fossils at the museum.

A. me

B. I

C. we

Ana and Ron are looking for a magazine. They want to read ….

A. it

B. them

C. us

D. him

My brother is invited to ___ wedding party. They are our friends.

A. their

B. they

C. them

D. we

E. theirs

You must prepare the dinner by …….. because you are alone at home.

A. you

B. me

C. yourself

D. yours

Did the children behave _______

A. ourselves

B. themselves

_____ is a wonderful movie.

A. It

B. I

C. they

They like to eat an apple, and so do ….

A. her

B. him

C. me

D. I

She watches …… in the mirror.

A. herself

B. his

C. hers

D. my

This world will be…….

A. my

B. mine

C. mining

D. you

E. you’re

They will buy some foods, ….. foods are so delicious

A. him

B. they

C. their

D. theirs

That cookie belongs to me. That cookie is _______.

A. ours

B. yours

C. mine

_____ are at the football match.

A. I

B. It

C. We


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