Grammar Quiz

Pronoun Quiz


She watches …… in the mirror.

A. herself

B. his

C. hers

D. my

X : Will Mr. Ardy meet them later?

Y : I don’t think so. Mr. Ardy has an English class with _____ today.

A. Our

B. Us

C. We

D. Hers

Mr. Hull will lock up _____ building before leaving for break.

A. he

B. its

C. his

Polar bears have thick fur to protect ______ from the harsh winter conditions.

A. themselves

B. itself

C. them

A pronoun that adds emphasis to a noun already named; usually near the subject of a sentence.

A. Subject

B. Object

C. Intensive

D. Possessive

Jane told me that he wanted to send a birthday gift to …… friend.

A. She

B. he

C. herself

D. her

a bird is singing, … Sings every morning

A. his

B. our

C. it

D. its

A pronoun that is used as the subject of a sentence or as a predicate pronoun after a linking verb.

A. Possessive

B. Object

C. Subject

D. Intensive

I am talking for the woman….you’re waiting about.

A. Who

B. That

C. Whom

D. Which

We must keep the room clean because it is ……

A. me

B. you

C. ours

D. her

Did the monster see _____?

A. we

B. us

_____ am in the yellow bus

A. we

B. He

C. I

Sara, did you write this poem __________.

A. yourself

B. herself

The children cn decorate the Christmas tree by _______________.

A. ourselves

B. himself

C. herself

D. themselves

The size of the dinosaurs really shocked me / I / we and the students.

A. me

B. I

C. we

The dog came with paul and _______.

A. I

B. me

Billy will ride ____ bike to pick up milk for ____ mom

A. him, it

B. his, his

C. his, my

D. it’s him

What pronoun is used to show ownership or relationship?

A. Subject

B. Object

C. Possessive

D. Intensive

A word that is used in place of a noun or another pronoun

A. Pronoun

B. Antecedent

X : Where are _________ uniforms?

Y : In the cupboard.

A. They

B. Their

C. Them

D. Theirs

Sarah must clean up after ______ at home.

A. themselves

B. itself

C. herself

A cousin of _____ works aboard.

A. me

B. mine

The word that a pronoun refers to (or takes the place of).

A. Pronoun

B. Antecedent

They always washing …… car every week.

A. their

B. them

C. they

D. theirs

The musician ____ signed this copy of the CD.

A. himself

B. themselves

C. itself


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