Grammar Quiz

-Ing and Infinitive Verb Patterns Quiz


I usually forget _____ the lights off.

A. turning

B. to turn

I’d like to learn _____ you :c

A. to forget

B. forgetting

I would like _____ a snake.

A. to have

B. having

I miss _____ among us with my friends.

A. to play

B. playing

I keep _____ the same mistakes.

A. to make

B. making

I decided _____ with my team.

A. to play

B. playing

I’m sorry, but I can’t afford _____ you a Ferrari.

A. buying

B. to buy

I finished _____ my homework.

A. doing

B. to do

I offer _____ you a house.

A. to buy

B. buying

I feel like _____ for a pizza.

A. to go

B. going

I can’t imagine _____ this place.

A. to leave

B. leaving

I miss _____ around here.

A. seeing

B. to see

I don’t mind _____ children.

A. to have

B. having

I want _____ around the world.

A. traveling

B. to travel

My students didn’t agree _____ that activity.

A. to do

B. doing


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