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Question Tags Quiz


She teaches Art, does she?

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

C. Maybe

Question Tags come:

A. at the end of a sentence.

B. at the beginning of a sentence.

You should walk in the classroom, _________________?

A. couldn’t you

B. can’t you

C. shouldn’t you

She’d like to have a sister, ________?

A. hadn’t she

B. wouldn’t she

C. can’t she

D. doesn’t she

Kevin will come tonight,_______ ?

A. won’t she

B. won’t he

C. will he

D. will she

Your mom is not vegetarian, __________?

A. isn’t she

B. is she

When the sentence is affirmative,

A. we use negative tag.

B. we use affirmative tag

We will meet at the airport on Sunday, _____________?

A. won’t we

B. will we

C. do we

D. don’t we

The weather is awful today, …?

A. aren’t it

B. is it

C. it is

D. isn’t it

Pat has a cozy flat in Boston,

A. hasn’t she?

B. isn”t she?

C. wasn’t she?

D. doesn’t she?

I’m late, ________?

A. am I

B. amn’t I

C. aren’t you

D. aren’t I

You weren’t in class last week,

A. are you?

B. did you?

C. were you?

D. do you?

You can speak English, _______________?

A. can you

B. can’t you

Both of them could have bought a new car, ______________?

A. do they

B. are they

C. were they

D. couldn’t they

You didn’t visit the museum, ____________________?

A. didn’t you

B. did you

C. were you

D. weren’t you

She isn’t from TV, ________? She isn’t from the Drama Club, _______?

A. isn’t she?/is she?

B. is she?/isn’t she?

C. is she?/is she?

D. isn’t she?/isn’t she?

It is such a beautiful painting,

A. doesn’t it?

B. is it?

C. isn’t it?

D. wasn’t it?

Question Tags are formed with auxiliary verb + subject pronoun.



The weather was strange on Friday,

A. was it?

B. did it?

C. wasn’t it?

D. didn’t it?

Turn the music down, ________?

A. shall we

B. don’t you

C. hadn’t we

D. will you

We need to buy some vegetables at the grocery store,

A. do we?

B. can we?

C. didn’t we?

D. don’t we?

Doug isn’t watching TV right now,

A. was he?

B. has he?

C. is he?

D. was he?

The Johnsons aren’t from Canada,

A. are they?

B. do they?

C. aren’t they?

D. don’t they?

This food tastes delicious,

A. isn’t it?

B. doesn’t it?

C. does it?

D. is it?

Lucia can play the drums,

A. isn’t she?

B. doesn’t she?

C. wasn’t she?

D. can’t she?


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