Grammar Quiz

Question Tags Quiz


You eat rice for lunch, _________________?

A. eat you

B. aren’t you

C. don’t you

They have just left, ………….?

A. have they?

B. did they?

C. they have?

D. haven’t they?

You are in the last year at this school, …..?

A. isn’t it?

B. are you?

C. aren’t you?

D. you are?

I’m such a good swimmer, ___________ ?

A. aren’t I

B. are I

C. am I

D. amn’t I

You have never liked grapefruit juice, ___

A. have you?

B. haven’t you?

He has been to switzerland,…………….?

A. has he

B. hasn’t he

Your mother is a doctor, …?

A. she is

B. isn’t it

C. doesn’t she

D. isn’t she

When the sentence is affirmative,

A. we use negative tag.

B. we use affirmative tag

You don’t like to work out in your free time,

A. are you?

B. do you?

C. can you?

D. don’t you?

David wears warm clothes,

A. does he?

B. didn’t she?

C. doesn’t he?

D. he didn’t?

We use Question Tags to make a person agree with us and to confirm information.



Pat has a cozy flat in Boston,

A. hasn’t she?

B. isn”t she?

C. wasn’t she?

D. doesn’t she?

In kindergarten we had a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables every day, ___

A. hadn’t we?

B. didn’t we?

I didn’t hurt you,……………?

A. did I

B. does I

Supriya can speak English,………..?

A. can’t she

B. are she

It is such a beautiful painting,

A. doesn’t it?

B. is it?

C. isn’t it?

D. wasn’t it?

She teaches Art, does she?

A. Correct

B. Incorrect

C. Maybe

They could deliver our pizzas, ___

A. can’t they?

B. couldn’t they?

You like lego, ________?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. aren’t you

D. haven’t you

You aren’t listening to me, ….?

A. don’t you?

B. do you?

C. are you?

D. isn’t it?

Jack and Jill have cleaned their room, __________________?

A. did he

B. have you

C. haven’t they

D. didn’t we

She sang well,……………..?

A. did she

B. didn’t she

Her car isn’t a Toyota,

A. isn’t it?

B. is it?

C. doesn’t it?

D. does it?

We need to buy some vegetables at the grocery store,

A. do we?

B. can we?

C. didn’t we?

D. don’t we?

You used the computer yesterday,

A. does she?

B. did you?

C. doesn’t you?

D. didn’t you?


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