Modal Perfect Quiz


Young people ______ obey their parents.

A. must

B. may

C. will

D. ought to

He was very lucky when he fell off the ladder. He _____ himself.

A. could have hurt

B. should have hurt

C. must have hurt

D. will have hurt

Tom didn’t do his homework, so the teacher became very angry. He _____ his homework

A. must have done

B. might have

C. should have done

D. will have done

I ______ be delighted to show you round the factory.

A. ought to

B. would

C. might

D. can

“Are you going to join us there” – “Sorry, I _____________ talk to the teacher after school.”

A. might

B. need to

C. am able to

D. can’t

The children _____ “thank you” to you when you gave them their gifts.

A. will have said

B. must say

C. should have said

D. should say

The photos are black. The X-ray at the airport _____ them.

A. should have damaged

B. would damage

C. would have damaged

D. must have damaged

Berbatov painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He _____ a different color.

A. had to choose

B. should have chosen

C. must have chosen

D. could have been choosing

Jenny’s engagement ring is enormous! It ______ have cost a fortune

A. must

B. might

C. will

D. should

Thomas received a warning for speeding. He _____ so fast.

A. shouldn’t have driven

B. would have driven

C. should have

D. might have driven


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