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Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous Quiz


I have known my best friend …… six years.

A. for

B. since

I am not hungry. I have _______ eaten.

A. Yet

B. Just

C. Since

D. Still

They _________________ each other since last year.

A. have know

B. have known

C. have been knowing

D. have been known

The Present Perfect Continuous answers the question…

A. how long

B. how much

C. how often

D. how are you

I __________ a member of the gym for five years.

A. have been being

B. has been being

C. has been

D. have been

I am not hungry. I have _______ eaten.

A. Yet

B. Just

C. Since

D. Still

It … all day! Why can’t it stop!

A. is raining

B. rains

C. has been raining

D. have been raining

It ______ since this morning. It’s terrible!

A. has being raining

B. has rained

C. has been raining

D. has been rained

I …………………… ten letters since morning.

A. Write

B. Wrote

C. Have written

D. Have been writing

They haven’t repaired the stairs … last summer.

A. for

B. since

___ (you/buy) your train ticket yet?

A. Have you buyed

B. Have you bought

C. Did you buy

D. Have you been buying

I’m sorry, madam, but this carpet … .

A. has already been sold

B. has been sold yet

C. has been sold so far

D. has yet been sold

Julie ___ (learn) how to drive for 6 years! and she still can’t!

A. has learn

B. has been learning

C. have learned

D. have been learning

Why haven’t you ___________ your work? You have plenty of time

A. finished

B. finishing

C. been

D. been finishing


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