Grammar Quiz

Second Conditional Quiz


____ they were players, they would ______ at stadium

A. If – write

B. if – played

C. If – were

D. if – be

If I won the lottery,

A. I would buy a big house.

B. I will buy a big house.

Tony never gets in trouble when he breaks the rules, but Patty does. Their parents are ___________.

A. disloyal

B. disrespectful

C. Unfair

D. untrustworthy

If pigs_____ on the sky, I __________ one as pet.

A. flew/ have

B. flew/ would have

C. flown/ would have

D. would fly/ had

If I were you,

A. I would give up smoking.

B. I can give up smoking.

If animals could talk, I ____ ____ them.

A. wouldn’t eat

B. will eat

C. won’t eat

D. don’t eat

If you ____________a good friend, you would help me study.

A. were

B. was

C. are

D. had been

I _____ the world if I _______ superpowers.

A. should save/ have

B. would save/ had

C. could save/ have

D. saved/ would have

She ______ more money if she worked harder.

A. would make

B. made

if she were in Spain,

A. she wouldn´t speak spanish

B. she would speak turkish

C. she would speak spanish

D. she would speak english.

Our kids would be happier if we ……………………. in the country.

A. live

B. living

C. lived

D. would live

If + past simple, would/wouldn’t + verb.



I’d make us a big dinner if I ______ how to cook.

A. knew

B. would know

My sister cries if she … a nightmare.

A. have

B. has

C. will have

D. won’t have

Life would be different if we ________ telephones.

A. didn’t have

B. wouldn’t have

If I……………………..(shave) my head, my parents would go mad.

A. shaved

B. shaving

C. would shave

D. shaves

If I _______ you, I _______ a new job.

A. was/would get

B. were/ would get

C. were/get

D. were/will get

If I could ask for a wish,

A. I would ask that the coronavirus ended

B. I would go to the ancient Tenochtitlan

C. I would check my location with my phone

D. I might get upset

Would you mind

A. if I used your computer?

B. if I use your computer?

If she … at home, I wash the car.

A. was

B. is

C. is not

D. will be

Choose the correct sentence in Second Conditional:

A. if Glory studies, she will pass the exam.

B. if I wasn´t sick, i will work.

C. I won´t speak english, if I live in canada.

D. if I were in United States, I would speak English.

If I _______ enough money, I ________ a big house.

A. had/would buy

B. had/buy

C. would have/bought

D. had/bought

If she were at home now, she _______ the phone.

A. wouldn’t answer

B. will answer

C. answered

D. would answer

I wouldn’t drink that milk if I ……………………… you.

A. was

B. are

C. is

D. were

If I were rich…

A. I would buy many cars

B. I will buy many cars

C. I bought many cars

D. I would bought many cars


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