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Second Conditional Quiz


I wouldn´t lend you money unless _____________

A. you had to pay the school

B. you wouldn´t have an emergency

C. you have to pay something

D. you pay the rent

If you lent me the money, I ……………………… you back before the end of the month.

A. pay

B. paid

C. would

D. would pay

We could visit you more often if you _______ so far away.

A. didn’t live

B. wouldn’t live

If he ______ (not need) his camera, he would lend it to us.

A. didn’t need

B. wouldn’t need

If I were ten years older,

A. I might decide to get married

B. I would keep it

C. I might provide schools with computers

D. I would tell the teacher

I’d make us a big dinner if I ______ how to cook.

A. knew

B. would know

____ they were players, they would ______ at stadium

A. If – write

B. if – played

C. If – were

D. if – be

If Mrs. Smith spoke Chinese, she _____ ____ a job in China

A. can got

B. could got

C. can get

D. could get

If had a longer summer holiday, I ____ ____ more.

A. could travel

B. can travel

C. will travel

D. travel

____ they were players, they would ______ at stadium

A. If – write

B. if – played

C. If – were

D. if – be

Kate ………………………….. in a haunted house if someone dared her.

A. sleeping

B. slept

C. sleep

D. would sleep

We could have more space if we _______ in a bigger house.

A. lived

B. would live

They would go on holidays with us if they ______ to buy the tickets.

A. had enough money

B. have enough money

C. can afford

D. couldn’t afford

What would you do if you found a new phone in the school library ?

A. I would provide schools with computers

B. I might decide to get married

C. I would find the owner

D. I might buy a huge mansion

You wouldn’t be so tired if you ______

A. wouldn’t work

B. didn’t work

I …………………………..(hold) a tarantula if they paid me a lot of money.

A. held

B. would holding

C. would hold

D. holds

We … the housework if they leave the house.

A. does not do

B. does

C. do

D. do not do

Choose the correct sentence according with the picture:

A. If I were invisible for one day, I could play tricks on my friends.

B. If I became President, I would change many things.

C. If I saw Madonna, I would scream.

D. If I had money, I would travel more.

If it rains, we … the match

A. Will cancel

B. Cancel

C. Won’t cancel

D. Cancels

Choose the correct sentence in Second Conditional:

A. if Glory studies, she will pass the exam.

B. if I wasn´t sick, i will work.

C. I won´t speak english, if I live in canada.

D. if I were in United States, I would speak English.

If we ________ not friends, I _______ angry.

A. are/would be

B. be/would be

C. was/would be

D. were/would be

Life would be different if we ________ telephones.

A. didn’t have

B. wouldn’t have

If I could ask for a wish,

A. I would ask that the coronavirus ended

B. I would go to the ancient Tenochtitlan

C. I would check my location with my phone

D. I might get upset

If I get los, I … you.

A. won´t phone

B. phones

C. phone

D. will phone

She _____ (be) happier if she _____ (have) more friends.

A. would be – had

B. were . would have


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