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Simple Future - Passive Quiz


The final test __________ this Friday morning.

A. is given

B. will be given

C. was given

D. is being given

The structure grammar to Passive voice in future is
Subject + will + be + verb in simple past + object



My team won’t lose the match.

A. The match isn’t being lost.

B. The match wasn’t lost.

C. The match isn’t lost.

D. The match won’t be lost.

The janitor will repair the water leak in our kitchen.

A. The water leak in our kitchen is being repaired by the janitor.

B. The water leak in our kitchen was repaired by the janitor.

C. The water leak in our kitchen was repaired by the janitor.

D. The water leak in our kitchen will be repaired by the janitor.

Mom will bake a birthday cake.

A. A birthday cake is baked by mom.

B. A birthday cake is being baked by mom.

C. A birthday cake will be baked by mom.

D. A birthday cake was baked by mom.

The city …………… the next earthquake

A. will be destroyed

B. will destroyed

C. will destroy

D. destroyed

The winning team will receive a trophy.

A. A trophy will be received by the winning team.

B. A trophy was received by the winning team.

C. A trophy is received by the winning team.

D. A trophy is being received by the winning team.

What is the correct sentence?

A. The birds will eaten those cookies

B. Those cookies will be eaten by the birds

C. Those cookies will eat by the birds

The suspects __________ at the police station.

A. will be interrogate

B. will be interrogating

C. will be interrogated

D. will be interrogates

The pirates won’t find the treasure.

A. The treasure isn’t found by the pirates.

B. The treasure won’t be found by the pirates.

C. The treasure wasn’t found by the pirates.

D. The treasure isn’t being found by the pirates.

A new mobile phone……………by Jessy

A. will buy

B. will be bought

C. buy

D. bought

The school will build a new basketball court.

A. A new basketball court was built by the school.

B. A new basketball court will be built by the school.

C. A new basketball court is being built by the school.

D. A new basketball court is built by the school.

You __________ forever.

A. are loved

B. were loved

C. will be loved

D. are being loved

security officer …………….. to show our identity

A. ask

B. will ask

C. will asked

D. will be asked

Will you send an email?

A. Will an email be sends?

B. Will an email be sending?

C. Will an email be sent?

D. Will an email be send?


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