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Tenses - Present and Past Quiz


Look at the London Eye! The wheel__________ (appear) motionless, but it__________(rotate) slowly.

A. has appeared- rotates

B. is appearing -is rotating

C. appeared – rotates

D. appears -is rotating

Since 2005, India__________ the world’s largest English-speaking population.

A. has

B. is having

C. had

D. has had

After the reconstruction the supermarket ………….. on Monday again.

A. opened

B. opens

C. is opening

D. is opened

What time ………………. Steve on Sunday?

A. are you meeting

B. do you meet

C. will you meet

D. did you meet

We’ve already booked our holiday. We__________ (go) to Scotland in July.

A. will go

B. have gone

C. went

D. go

About 375 million people__________ (speak) English as their first language.

A. speaks

B. is speaking

C. have spoken

D. will speak

To preserve natural habitat, the government__________ (establish) six national parks so far.

A. established

B. establishes

C. has established

D. is establishing

English__________ around the world by children in school as a foreign language.

A. has learned

B. is learning

C. is learned

D. learned

Recently, the United States__________ (alter) the whole of their immigration laws.

A. alters

B. is altering

C. has altered

D. altered

Our ferry ……………. for Amsterdam at 7 tomorrow morning.

A. departs

B. is departed

C. is departing

D. departed

Canada__________ (provide) fish, furs, and other natural resources to the world since the 15th century.

A. has provided

B. is providing

C. provided

D. provides

Either kangaroo or Sydney Opera House__________ (symbolize) Australia.

A. is symbolized

B. symbolized

C. has symbolized

D. symbolizes

English__________ (be) an official language in several African countries, such as Liberia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

A. will be

B. is

C. is being

D. has been

English__________ from a Proto-Indo-European language about 5,000 years ago.

A. derives

B. derived

C. is deriving

D. has derived

When ………………………. this year?

A. does the school end

B. is the school ending

C. will the school end

D. have the school ended

Look! The concert__________ (start) at 7 P.M. and__________ (end) at 9 P.M.

A. will start – will end

B. starts – ends

C. is starting – ends

D. starts – is ending

The United Kingdom__________ (consist) of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

A. consisted

B. consists

C. is consisted

D. has consisted

__________ (you/ talk) about the upcoming journey? Can I join?

A. Are yu talking

B. Do you talk

C. Will you talk

D. Have you talked

I__________ (live) in the UK at the moment to learn English.

A. live

B. am living

C. have lived

D. will have

Over 670 million people__________ (visit) Disneyland since its opening in 1955.

A. visited

B. are visiting

C. have visited

D. will visit


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