Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Tense Quiz


We _________ hungry.

A. is

B. are

Every morning, the sun …. in my bedroom window.

A. shining

B. is shine

C. shines

D. shined

The postman __________ our letters every day.

A. delivers

B. deliver

You always …. the door before leaving.

A. lock

B. locked

C. have locked

D. is locking

Water …. of hydrogen and oxygen.

A. consists

B. consisting

C. consist

D. consisted

I __________ my teeth every day.

A. brushes

B. brush

Mother _________ delicious meals for lunch.

A. cooks

B. cook

Rian …. to school by bike everyday.

A. Go

B. Going

C. Goes

D. Went

He _________ a book before he goes to bed.

A. read

B. reads

The ball __________ round.

A. is

B. are

The sun …. in the west.

A. sets

B. set

C. sat

D. setting

She ___________ English every week.

A. teaches

B. teach

I never put my elbow on the table.

My mom says it …. impolite.

A. am

B. are

C. is

The movie …. a lot of things to revise.

A. have

B. had

C. has

D. having

Sarah and Jacky __________ to school every day.

A. goes

B. go

People … “thank you” often.

A. say

B. says

C. saying

My father __________ his car during the weekends.

A. wash

B. washes

Birds __________ wings.

A. have

B. has

The cow …. the grass in the field.

A. eating

B. ate

C. eats

D. eat

Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth …. every Sunday.

A. travels

B. travel

C. are travel

D. is travelling


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