Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Tense Quiz


Gia Quy Phi and Lenh Quy phi never___ during working hours

A. Talks

B. Talk

C. Are talking

D. Is talking

…….. you Australian?

A. is

B. am

C. are

Water …. of hydrogen and oxygen.

A. consists

B. consisting

C. consist

D. consisted

My teams always………………Karate every week.

A. practices

B. is practicing

C. practice

D. practiced

Rian …. to school by bike everyday.

A. Go

B. Going

C. Goes

D. Went

Tasya …. English every day.

A. studies

B. study

C. studied

D. studi

I ______ ________ when I study because they help me to remember important information.

A. make notes

B. make exams

C. make breaks

D. makes notes

What is the correct form of the verb ‘to go’ in the simple present tense for the pronoun ‘he’?

A. goes

B. go

C. went

D. going

My sister’s cat …. My leg.

A. bite

B. bit

C. bites

D. bited

Please ……………… the message now. We need the information urgently.

A. decode

B. decodes

A : How do you go to school?

B : We … the bus to school.

A. take

B. takes

C. are taking

D. taken

She …… to school at 7 in the morning

A. go

B. goes

My sister ______ to the library once a week.

A. go

B. goes

C. gos

D. govies

My father __________ his car during the weekends.

A. wash

B. washes

Every summer, Roland_____ his grandmother in Indonesia.

A. Visit

B. Visits

C. Visited

D. Visiting

Manuel __________ his teeth in the morning.

A. brush

B. brushes

C. brushed

D. brushing

On hot days, the animals _____ in the river.

A. swims

B. swim

C. swimes

D. swimming

Jonathan ______ football every Sunday.

A. plays

B. prays

C. jums

D. speaks

Choose the correct sentence in the simple present tense.

A. I am go to the market.

B. He goes to the market.

C. They go to the market.

D. She is go to the market.

I … the bus around 7 a.m.

A. have

B. catch

C. catches

Please choose the right one from the sentences below !.

A. Sestia sweep the floor fast.

B. Now I watching a film on TV.

C. Mr. Bowo keep the place safe.

D. Niah just lays down while raining.

…. everybody join the seminar yesterday?

A. Does

B. Did

C. Do

D. Is

Mother _________ delicious meals for lunch.

A. cooks

B. cook

I…quite near school.

A. live

B. lives

C. li’ve

My mother … in the kitchen every day.

A. cooks

B. cook

C. cooked

D. cooken


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