Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Tense Quiz


Kathy usually ______ in front of the window during the class.

A. sits

B. sitting

C. sit

D. is sit

My mom … shopping every Sunday.

A. go

B. went

C. goes

D. is

He usually _______ to bed early. He _________ till midnight.

A. doesn’t go / stays up

B. goes / stays up

C. not to go / doesn’t stay up

D. is going / isn’t staying up

Susan and Luke ______ me to swim every weekend.

A. invite

B. invites

C. call

D. calls

What does Nitah do there ?.

A. She sing a song.

B. She writes something.

C. She is watching TV.

D. She ride a motorcycle.

E. She is eating grapes.

Jay _____ (be) a good student.

A. bes

B. is

C. are

D. be

The teacher_____ the students in class.

A. Teaches

B. Teach (cái này nè chọn đi)

C. is teaching

My husband ______ his car everyday from his office to our home.

A. drives

B. listens

C. works

D. talks

My mother and father……breakfast at 7.00 everyday

A. Eat

B. Eats

Manuel __________ his teeth in the morning.

A. brush

B. brushes

C. brushed

D. brushing

They ______ hockey at school.

A. play

B. plays

C. playing

D. is playing

My father_______ tv in the livingroom.

A. Watches

B. Is watching

C. Watch

D. Are watch

His father ______ a new suit and his mother ______ a red bag.

A. wears – carries

B. wear – carry

C. carry – wear

D. carries – wears

You always …. the door before leaving.

A. lock

B. locked

C. have locked

D. is locking

He is a driver. He ____ from Hcm city to Ha Noi

A. Dirves

B. Drives

C. Driver

D. Drove

_____ the cat like to sleep on the sofa?

A. Do

B. Don’t

C. Does

D. Doesn’t

Mereka selalu memanjat pohon jambu di halaman rumahku.

A. They always climb the guava tree in my house yard.

B. They sometimes climb the guava tree in my house yard.

C. They often climb the guava tree in my house yard.

D. They seldom climb the rambutan tree in my house yard.

My sister is a marketing freelancer. She ………. much free time.

A. have

B. haves

C. has

D. had

I _____ (go) to school.

A. go

B. gos

C. goes

D. gone

Maria and Gretta ______ a song of their favorite singer.

A. sing

B. play

C. write

D. walk

Birds … in the sky.

A. walk

B. run

C. swim

D. fly

Please ……………… the message now. We need the information urgently.

A. decode

B. decodes

Marzuki……………….a very thick book about Indonesian History.

A. Have

B. Had

C. Haves

D. Has

The postman __________ our letters every day.

A. delivers

B. deliver

A : When does your sister usually do her homework?

B : …

A. She usually have done her homework at 8 pm

B. She usually does her homework at 8 pm

C. She usually do her homework at 8 pm

D. She usually did her homework at 8 pm


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