Used to Quiz


Dubai _______ a desert

A. used to was

B. used to is

C. use to be

D. used to be

This house _________ smaller

A. use to be

B. didn’t used to is

C. used to be

D. used to was

He _________ fat

A. use to be

B. used to was

C. used to is

D. used to be

They didn’t _________ tennis

A. used to play

B. use to played

C. used to played

D. use to play

I __________ to the beach every day.

A. use to go

B. used to went

C. used to go

D. used to

She ________ younger

A. use to looked

B. used to look

C. used to looked

D. use to look

He __________ a bike

A. used to ride

B. didn’t use to ride

C. use to ride

D. used to rode

She ________ short hair

A. used to had

B. used to has

C. didn’t use to has

D. didn’t use to have

She _________ brown hair

A. use to have

B. use to had

C. used to have

D. used to has

He ________ a lot of exercises

A. used to did

B. use to do

C. didn’t use to do

D. didn’t use to do


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