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Used to Quiz


I ______ in Santa Claus when I was little

A. used to believe

B. use to believe

C. used to believed

I worked harder before.But now I cannot take so much job at once.

A. I didn’t use to work harder.

B. I used to work harder.

When she was at high school, she ________ play hockey.

A. use to

B. used to

C. used to play

Can you believe Grandpa _______ tennis when he was young?

A. used to play

B. used play

C. used to be playing

Teachers ________ to be stricter 40 years ago

A. didn´t used

B. use to

C. used to

This house _________ smaller

A. use to be

B. didn’t used to is

C. used to be

D. used to was

I ________ ride my bike when I was seven.

A. use to

B. used to

C. didn´t used to

He __________ a lot of hair

A. used to had

B. used to has

C. used to have

D. didn’t used to have

I love ___________ on the beach and feeling the sand under my feet.

A. going bare-footed

B. Using your imagination

C. preserving our traditions

D. keeping a diary

That cinema ________ _____ (be) a theatre before.

A. use to be

B. use to been

C. used to be

People in the past were slower in accepting ___________ than they are today.

A. generations

B. technological changes

C. traditions and customs

D. loudspeakers

Did you _________ _______ (go) to play football?

A. used to go

B. use to going

C. use to gone

D. use to go

I _____ eat pizza, but now I am eating healthy.

A. used to

B. used

C. use to

A wedding is ________________ , not only for the bride and groom but also for other attendants as they can meet friends and relatives.

A. a special occasion

B. events

C. dates

D. traditions

She ________ short hair

A. used to had

B. used to has

C. didn’t use to has

D. didn’t use to have

use to/ school /where/ go/ did/ you/ to

A. Where did you used to go to school?

B. Where used to go to school?

C. Where did you use to go to school?

People ______ to the radio more in the old days!

A. used to listening

B. used listen

C. used to listen

I ______ English, but now I have class five times per week.

A. didn’t used to study

B. didn’t use study

C. didn’t use to study

He ________ a lot of exercises

A. used to did

B. use to do

C. didn’t use to do

D. didn’t use to do

He __________ healthy food

A. use to eat

B. use to ate

C. used to ate

D. didn’t use to eat

I used to ______ (swim) a lot when I was younger.

A. swims

B. swimming

C. swim

D. swam

Lina speaks English now, but she ______ it when she was young

A. didn’t use to speak

B. didn’t used to speak

C. not used to speak

She __________ more beautiful

A. use to look

B. used to look

C. use to looked

D. didn’t use to looked

I didn’t ________ ______(eat) fruits before but now I eat them.

A. used to eat

B. use to eat

C. uses to eating

D. use to eats

You used to live next door to me. Means?

A. You live now.

B. You do not live anymore.


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