Grammar Quiz

Past simple - Irregular Verbs Quiz


Grandpa —————— (build) the house in 1970.

A. build

B. baught

C. built

My father _______ his car keys.

A. lose

B. losed

C. lost

The tourists ————- (leave) the hotel an hour ago.

A. leave

B. levt

C. left

Our new friends __________ English very well.

A. speak

B. spake

C. spoke

My boyfriend ________ ill yesterday.

A. felt

B. feel

C. feeled

My sister and I ———–(spend) two hours cleanhing our room.

A. spend

B. spont

C. spent

Somebody ———— (break) the window.

A. break

B. brake

C. broke

I —————–(drink) a lot of water yesterday.

A. drink

B. drank

C. drunk

D. drinked

The teacher _______ in to the classroom.

A. comed

B. came

C. come

A long time ago, the pirates —————-(find) a treasure.

A. find

B. foughnd

C. found

My friend and I ________ shopping yesterday.

A. go

B. gone

C. went

My parents ————— (give) me a beautiful present. 

A. give

B. geft

C. gave

We ————– (make) a delicious cheese cake yesterday.

A. make

B. maik

C. made

My dog ________ my homework!

A. ate

B. eated

C. eaten

The children ___________ in the sea last holidays.

A. swum

B. swam

C. swimmed

The uncle —————- (read) 4 books last year.

A. read

B. reed

C. rade


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