Grammar Quiz

Subordinating Conjunctions Quiz


The officer notified us that _____ we clean our surroundings, mosquitoes will continue to multiply.

A. if

B. unless

C. than

_____ the continuous rain in the area, many streets were flooded.

A. While

B. Unless

C. After

The students shouted with excitement _____ their team was announced as winner.

A. when

B. which

C. who

_____ you prepare yourself for any test, there is still a chance that you might forget some information.

A. Because

B. That

C. Although

Mrs. Soriano _____ the students like most will retire from work soon.

A. where

B. which

C. whom

_____ the examination will happen next month, we should start reviewing now.

A. Since

B. Until

C. Which

_____ we trust to complete this project, he or she will take over next month.

A. Whoever

B. Whomever

C. Whichever

_____ we walked by the roadside, a fast vehicle ran over a strayed cat.

A. As

B. Until

C. Unless

_____ we receive confirmation of your coming, we won’t include you in the participants’ list.

A. Unless

B. Before

C. Because

Many sewage system in the main cities of the country are cleaned up before rainy season _____ garbage clogs the pipes.

A. than

B. which

C. because

The news reporter _____ gave the wrong information about the weather apologized to the listeners.

A. which

B. who

C. whom

_____ the teacher started her discussion, the rain suddenly poured hard.

A. As

B. Which

C. Because

I shall give you a call _____ I get home.

A. when

B. whom

C. where

_____ Filipinos suffered with successive natural disaster, they still manage to smile.

A. What

B. Although

C. Because

That park was used to be our resting ground _____ the area was still clean.

A. because

B. when

C. that


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