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Superlative & Comparative Adverbs Quiz


Denilson lives ________ to the bus station in Lundu. (near)

A. nearest

B. nearer

C. more near

D. nearly

“We are lost,” said Rachael. “We need help ____________ now.” (desperately).

A. desperating

B. desperate

C. less desperately

D. more desperately

It is ________ to contact via Whatsapp. (easy)

A. easier

B. easiest

C. more easy

D. most easy

Of all the students in the class, Shazel studied the __________. (hard)

A. more hard

B. most hard

C. harder

D. hardest

My mother and my sister talked ________ than the other guests. (loudly)

A. loudest

B. louder

C. less loudly

D. more loudly

After the car accident, he drives ___________ now. (carefully)

A. less carefully

B. most careful

C. more carefully

D. more careful

We walked _______ than the rest of the people. (slowly)

A. slower

B. slowest

C. more slowly

D. less slowly

He arrived __________ than expected. (early)

A. earliest

B. earlier

C. more early

D. most early

________ or later, we will need to start studying __________. (soon, seriously)

A. sooner, more seriously

B. soonest, most seriously

C. sooner, less seriously

D. soonest, more seriously

They called us ________ in the afternoon. (late)

A. more late

B. lately

C. later

D. less lately

Juan threw the ball _______ than Elson. (far)

A. farther

B. more far

C. farthest

D. less far

Intan scored __________ than Giovanie. (high)

A. highest

B. higher

C. more high

D. most high

Of all the students in my English class, Filzaty writes the __________. (fast)

A. more fast

B. faster

C. fastest

D. most fast

She began to speak ___________. (quickly)

A. most quickly

B. more quickly

C. quicker

D. more quicker

I forget things ________ nowadays. (often)

A. more often

B. most often

C. oftenly

D. less oftenly


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