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Unreal Conditionals Quiz


They might not have made it . . .

A. if it hadn’t been for luck.

B. if it hasn’t been for luck.

C. if it might not have been for luck.

D. if it would not be luck.

. . . if you had listened to him.

A. You wouldn’t have gotten lost

B. You had gotten lost

C. You wouldn’t have gotten lost, 

D. You would get lost

If he had studied for the exam a little more . . . 

A. , he would have passed the class.

B. , he would has passed the class.

C. he would have passed the class.

D. he had passed the class.

If we had a lot of money, . . . 

A. we travel around the world!

B. we would travel around the world!

C. we traveled around the world!

D. we traveling around the world!

Which is incorrect?
We would have seen the show, if you had arrived on time.

A. would have seen

B. ,

C. had arrived

I wouldn’t go there . . . 

A. if I was you.

B. if I would be you.

C. if I were you.

D. if I being you.

. . . if he were fit.

A. He joined the marathon

B. He would joined the marathon

C. He joining the marathon

D. He would join the marathon

Which is incorrect?
He could have be better prepared if he had studied more.

A. would have be

B. had studied

Which is incorrect?
They might have understood if you explained it better.

A. might have understood

B. explained

They would be happy . . . 

A. if it snowed today.

B. if it would snow today.

C. if it snowed today.

D. if it has snowed today.

. . . she would answer it.

A. If she would understand the question,

B. If she understands the question,

C. If she understood the question,

D. If she understood the question

If I had seen the sign, . . . 

A. I would has turned left there.

B. I have turned left there.

C. I would have turned left there.

D. I had turned left there.

Which is incorrect?
If she has time, she would read more.

A. has

B. ,

C. would read

. . . she would have purchased the book.

A. If she had money,

B. If she has had money,

C. If she had has money

D. If she had had money,

Which is incorrect?
If I was you, I would dance all night!

A. was

B. would dance


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