Grammar Quiz

used to vs be used to vs get used to Quiz


My English teacher will get ____________ to teaching ugly groups like today´s

A. used

B. use

C. will get used

I’m not used to ____ up this early.

A. get

B. getting

C. gets

D. got

When Jay was a kid he used…. baseball

A. to playing

B. to play

Lucy used to … a lot. She doesn’t draw much now as she’s too busy.

A. draws

B. draw

C. drawing

D. drew

Daniel and Sandra __________ being close all the time

A. are used

B. used to

C. will get used

Did people __________ write letters to their friends and family?

A. use to

B. used to

They __________ play tennis every Sunday with their friends.

A. did use to

B. used to

I’m not used to ____ so much tea.

A. drinking

B. drank

C. drink

D. drinks

Stanley is used to … 8 hours every day. He is very hard-working.

A. working

B. work

C. works

D. worked

Students will ___________ English grammar

A. get used

B. used to

C. use to

When Vicky lived in England she ….. on the left

A. used to drive

B. is used to driving

C. was used to drive

Dickson used to … lazy. He works much harder now.

A. is

B. being

C. been

D. be

I used to ____ hard when I was a student.

A. work

B. worked

C. working

D. works

Vicky used to …. in Cambridge, now she lives in the USA

A. live

B. living

He ______ several books a month, but he doesn’t have time any more.

A. was used to reading

B. got used to reading

C. used to read

D. is used to reading

My friend Alison and I ____________ eat dinner together every Saturday.

A. are used to

B. used to

Anton is used to … for his girlfriend after school.

A. wait

B. waits

C. waiting

D. waited

When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I ______ all the work on my own.

A. am used to doing

B. used to do

C. get used to doing

D. used to doing

She ______ fat but now she’s thin.

A. used to be

B. was used to

Ivan … speak a lot. He doesn’t speak much now.

A. use to

B. am used to

C. is used to

D. used to


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