Has Got & Have Got Quiz


Liisbet _______________ a blue hat.

A. hasn’t got

B. have got

A. He has got blond hair

B. He has got sunglasses

C. He has got blue eyes

A. He has got glasses

B. They has got glasses

C. They have got glasses

D. They haven’t got glasses

A. He has got sunglasses

B. He has got glasses

C. He hasn´t got glasses

What has he got ?

A. He has got a car.

B. He has got a doll.

C. He has got a train.

D. He has got a ball.

A fish …………got legs.

A. do

B. does

C. hasn’t

D. has

Egerd’s friends ________________ blue hair.

A. haven’t got

B. hasn’t got

A. She is tall

B. She is short

C. He isn´t tall

D. He is tall

Keithi _______________ some sweets.

A. has got

B. have got

A. They is old

B. They aren’t young

C. They are young

D. He isn’t old

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