Grammar Quiz

Verb Conjugation Quiz


The criminal _______ the money.

A. stealed

B. stole

C. stolen

D. steal

We have _______ to do our work.

A. begin

B. began

C. begun

D. begins

Have you __________ in that choir for a long time?

A. singed

B. sung

C. sang

D. singing

We ________ the movie at the theater.

A. seen

B. saw

C. see

D. seed

The phone _________ loudly.

A. ringed

B. rung

C. rang

D. ranged

I have _________ three books.

A. writing

B. wrote

C. written

D. waited

Many of the flowers had ___________ under the tree.

A. grew

B. grown

C. grower

D. grows

I could have _______ you my pencil to use.

A. gave

B. gives

C. gives

D. given

She has _________ the plane many times.

A. flew

B. flied

C. flown

D. fly

Some of our students had ________ their homework early.

A. did

B. done

C. does

D. do

Earlier today I ___________ to the store.

A. went

B. go

C. gone

D. goed

Have you __________ your prize yet?

A. chosen

B. chose

C. choose

D. closed

Yesterday I _______ my juice.

A. drink

B. drank

C. drunk

D. dranken

She has ____________ here for many years.

A. taught

B. teacher

C. tought

D. taughen

Last week we ___________ our lunch to school.

A. bring

B. brung

C. brought

D. brought

I wish she ________ the answer.

A. knows

B. knowed

C. know

D. knew

We should have __________ earlier.

A. ate

B. aten

C. rated

D. eaten

You have completely _______ my heart.

A. broke

B. broken

C. breaker

D. braked

She has ______ to school with me every day.

A. ride

B. rode

C. ridden

D. rodeo

I wish you would have _________ my picture.

A. drawn

B. drawer

C. drew

D. drawer


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