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Verbs & Phrasal Verbs Quiz


“I’m going to try ___ this new type of paint on my walls.”

A. on

B. in

C. by

D. out

Our plane _______ thirty minutes late.

A. took off

B. took up

C. took out

D. took after

Identify all the words being used as VERBS in the sentence below.

After school, Shlok sprayed Ms. Cecere with silly string.

A. After

B. sprayed

C. with

D. None of the above

Friends can help you to ________ a difficult time in your life.

A. get around

B. get down

C. get by

D. get through

We’ll need to ___________ early or we won’t get there in time.

A. set back

B. set up

C. set down

D. set off

Our babysitter’s really good at _______ our kids.

A. looking after

B. looking into

C. looking down on

D. looking up

Be quiet! You’ll _______ the children!

A. wake in

B. wake on

C. wake down

D. wake up

Which word is the verb

“The boy bounces the ball in the air”

A. bounces

B. ball

C. air

D. boy

Let’s _______ that old box. We don’t need it.

A. throw up

B. throw in

C. throw off

D. throw away

Just _______ this form and sign it.

A. fill up

B. fill in

C. fill out

D. fill on

You can _______ words in a dictionary.

A. look after

B. look up

C. look out

D. look forward

The police are still _______ the thief.

A. looking into

B. looking for

C. looking through

D. looking after

Sorry I’m late. My car _______ petrol.

A. ran out of

B. ran into

C. ran up

D. ran on

Which word is the verb

“I run to the gym every day”

A. gym

B. run

C. every

D. I

Most of the shops _______ years ago.

A. closed out

B. closed down

C. closed up

D. closed off

Identify all the words being used as nouns in the sentence below.

Throughout the class period, Alexa was singing songs.

A. Throughout

B. class

C. period

D. None of the above

Which word is the noun?

“The dinner was yummy”

A. the

B. dinner

C. was

D. yummy

I’m really tired because I ________ at 5 AM this morning.

A. got around

B. got on

C. got up

D. got in

Which word is the noun?

“The friendly girl went on a hike”

A. friendly

B. the

C. went

D. girl

Oh no! The building’s lift has _______ again!

A. broken down

B. broken up

C. broken in

D. broken into

The doctor said if I _______ sugar I’ll lose weight.

A. cut down on

B. cut away

C. cut up

D. cut off

We _______ the lights and TV and went to bed.

A. switched in

B. switched around

C. switched over

D. switched off

Those bright yellow football boots really______.

A. stand up

B. stand down

C. stand out

D. stand of

Identify all the words being used as VERBS in the sentence below.

During class Jordan filled his water bottle with water.

A. During

B. filled

C. his

D. None of the above

If the TV isn’t loud enough, turn it _______ a little.

A. off

B. on

C. down

D. up


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