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People who are described as …. share the same opinions, ideas, or interests

A. different

B. incompatible

C. discordant

D. like-minded

What is the synonym for “misconduct”?

A. proper conduct

B. misbehavior

C. behavior

D. code of conduct

I always make the … endeavor to pass the exam.

A. most

B. better

C. more

D. best

It’s essential that we have some… everyday so that we can improve our health.

A. movements

B. aerobics

C. workout

D. training

I found the book so … that I couldn’t put it down.

A. gripping

B. tedious

C. lackluster

D. monotonous

The audience burst into …. laughter in the cinema.

A. boisterous

B. energetic

C. placid

D. tranquil

I …. the quality time with my bosom friend who I haven’t seen for long.

A. experience

B. relish

C. feel

D. immerse

Restaurants should guarantee its food ….

A. products

B. hygiene

C. disinfection

D. cleaning

Air pollution exerts an adverse effect on people’s health, especially the … system

A. digestive

B. nervous

C. respiratory

D. cardiovascular

This meeting affords me the chance to forge a (n)… with my old friends.

A. bridge

B. bond

C. connection

D. link

Whenever I spend my holiday with my friends or family, I always have a (n) …. of a time.

A. great

B. multitude

C. whale

D. amount

Sam is definitely a bookworm. She spend hours and hours … books.

A. eating

B. immersing

C. devouring

D. sipping

Janes is a sociable person. She loves …other people.

A. shunning

B. avoiding

C. befriending

D. talking

I’m … for a chance to meet my idol in flesh and blood.

A. wanting

B. dying

C. relishing

D. dreaming

This coffee house is my … haunt whenever I am down in the dumps.

A. usually

B. frequent

C. often

D. sometimes

This library contains huge … of knowledge

A. river

B. reservoir

C. treasure

D. number

What is the synonym for “postpone”?

A. delay

B. speed up

C. hurry

D. interval

Da Nang is not only renowned for its mesmerizing views but also its … residents.

A. unapproachable

B. amiable

C. self-important

D. haughty

I am carried… by that catchy tune.

A. on

B. out

C. in

D. away

A trip to Ha Long Bay was really a trip of a(n) ….

A. lifelong

B. life

C. lifetime

D. all-time

I do the same things day …, day out.

A. on

B. in

C. between

D. out

She’s got a lot on her … – especially with two new projects starting this week.

A. dish

B. platter

C. plate

D. shoulder

Once… a blue moon, there’s an issue I can’t resolve.

A. on

B. below

C. beyond

D. in

Undoubtedly, people especially the young should take any … chances

A. blue

B. yellow

C. golden

D. diamond

I…. my English skills day by day so that i can go further in the future.

A. impair

B. weaken

C. spoil

D. hone


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