Grammar Quiz

-ing / Infinitive Quiz


She refuses … that she broke the window!

A. to admit

B. admitting

C. admit

She’s very impressive, she even attempted … a world record

A. to break

B. breaking

C. break

I really enjoy … to English class!

A. to come

B. coming

C. come

I’m so full, I regret … so much

A. to eat

B. eating

C. eat

I decided to stop … volleyball and start tennis instead

A. to play

B. playing

C. play

I hate … my bed

A. to make

B. making

C. make

She tends … her work the day before it’s due

A. to finish

B. finishing

C. finish

I think I would prefer … this phone

A. to buy

B. buying

C. buy

I can’t help … tired, I only slept 4 hours!

A. to feel

B. feeling

C. feel

My parents let me … up late on Saturdays

A. to stay

B. staying

C. stay

I’m interested in … German

A. to learn

B. learning

C. learn

I’m beginning … this game!

A. to enjoy

B. enjoying

C. enjoy

Actors have to pretend … other people all the time

A. to be

B. being

C. be

I plan … after class

A. to study

B. studying

C. study

I never want to do my homework, so I always put off … it

A. to do

B. doing

C. do

I don’t want to risk … my health

A. to harm

B. harming

C. harm

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid … what you don’t want to do

A. to do

B. doing

C. do

I started … my new laptop, and I love it!

A. to use

B. using

C. use

I don’t really mind … the dishes

A. to do

B. doing

C. do

They suggested … up after dinner, what do you think?

A. to meet

B. meeting

C. meet

She offered … me with my project

A. to help

B. helping

C. help

I forgot … my umbrella again!

A. to bring

B. bringing

C. bring

My sister called me for dinner but I carried on … in my room

A. to read

B. reading

C. read

You’d better not … video games when I told you to do your homework!

A. to play

B. playing

C. play

I love … in bed when it’s raining outside

A. to stay

B. staying

C. stay


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