Grammar Quiz

Simple Present and Simple Past Quiz


A : I arrived home very late yesterday.

B : …………. a lot of work to do at your office?

A. Have you

B. Do you have

C. Did you have

D. Have you had

I………to the school alone yesterday

A. walk

B. walked

C. walks

My parents …………. angry last night because I ………….. late.

A. were – were

B. was – was

C. was – were

D. were – was

She _________ understand the class.

A. isn’t

B. doesn’t

C. don’t

They __________ enjoy the last party.

A. don´t

B. didn´t

C. not

I couldn’t make an omelette. I …….any eggs.

A. don’t have

B. didn’t have

C. had

D. have

__________ Tommy and Elena work last week?

A. Did

B. Do

C. Does

Our teacher always (give) —————– a lot of homework.

A. give

B. giving

C. gives

D. gived

The dog __________ its toy last night

A. eats

B. eat

C. ate

D. eaten

We (enjoy) ——————— the game last Sunday.

A. enjoy

B. enjoys

C. enjoyed

D. enjoying

Nicky ______ at the zoo yesterday.

A. was

B. were

I _____________________ television late last night. I went to bed early because I was so tired.

A. watched

B. watch

C. didn’t watch

D. don’t watch

The dog __________ its toy last night.

A. eats

B. eat

C. ate

D. eaten

Right now Yoko is reading an article in the newspaper, but she …………. it. Some of the vocabulary ……… too difficult.

A. didn’t understand / was

B. don’t understand / is

C. doesn’t understand / is

D. doesn’t understand / was

I _________________ lunch yesterday. It was delicious!

A. didn’t cook

B. cooked

C. don’t cook

D. cook

We __________ practice soccer on weekend. We __________ on weekend.

A. didn’t – studies

B. don’t – study

C. aren’t – studied

He ————– up early every morning.

A. wake

B. waked

C. woke

D. wakes

Did you __________ Granada Island last year?

A. visit

B. visited

C. visits

Did she __________ a pair of shoes a few days ago?

A. buy

B. bougth

C. buys

Do you __________ to class early everyday?

A. comes

B. came

C. come

Where ——— you yesterday?

A. were

B. be

C. was

D. is

He ……in this restaurant 2 days ago

A. drank

B. drink

C. drinks

____________ a test last week?

A. Do you have

B. Does you have

C. Did you have

D. Did you had

She __________ listening to English music every day.

A. liked

B. like

C. likes

We ———– coffee at 11 o’clock every morning.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. having


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