Grammar Quiz

Who am I? Quiz


A. doctor

B. engineer

C. lawyer

D. chef

I can live in two habitats. My skin is green, i can jump. I like eating insects.

A. Butterfly

B. Frog

C. Caterpillar

D. Dog

A. quikly

B. quickly

C. quicky

A. calmlly

B. calmy

C. calmly

I stop crime and keep the community safe. Who am I?

A. fire fighter

B. police officer

C. mail carrier

D. mayor

A. slowly

B. sloly

C. sowly

A. loudly

B. louy

C. louldy

A. wamrly

B. warmly

C. warmy

A. clearly

B. cleerly

C. clearrly

Commonly i live in garden or park and i usually eat carrot. I can jump but not high, my feathers are white.

A. Rabbit

B. Chicken

C. Bear

D. Cat


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