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Verb + Infinitive Quiz


I need … a new outfit for the party this weekend

A. bought

B. have bought

C. to buy

D. buy

My father learned … from his mother. She owned a restaurant.

A. eat

B. cook

C. to cook

D. to talk

Before I turn 40 years old, I want … children.

A. to have

B. be

C. have

D. to be

I hope … my master’s degree in the Spring.

A. finish

B. to finish

C. to eat

D. complete

I want … to you about something very important.

A. need

B. talk

C. ask

D. to talk

I promise … you shopping this weekend.

A. take

B. to speak

C. to take

D. bring

I would like … cookies for breakfast.

A. to be

B. to eat

C. be

D. have

My mom needs … me how to do everything.

A. to tell

B. tell

My friends and I decided … to a party last weekend.

A. to go

B. go

C. have

D. to eat

I plan … at every picanteria in Arequipa.

A. to bring

B. eat

C. to live

D. to eat

In English class we learn … correctly.

A. speak

B. to speak

C. talk

D. to have

I can’t go out tonight. I need … early tomorrow morning for work.

A. wake

B. get up

C. to bring

D. to wake up


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