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Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense Quiz


It ___________ out there now. Please stay at home.

A. rains

B. is raining

C. is rainning

D. are raining

Mr Soh is the best teacher in the world. He ______ his students well and he is a patient young man.

A. treat

B. treated

C. treats

D. treating

Nobody _______ Christopher because he is a known liar.

A. believe

B. believes

C. believed

D. believing

I ______ my breakfast now. Could you please call me back later?

A. shall have

B. am having

C. have

D. will be having

The robbers __________ some bags of valuables when I see them running out of the shop.

A. grabs

B. grabbed

C. are grabbing

D. were grabbing

Jayden ____________ down on his bed now as he is very tired after doing Mr Soh’s assignments.

A. lay

B. is lying

C. was lying

D. laid

They ______ to know the ending of the story but they will have to wait till next week to find out what happens.

A. is dying

B. was dying

C. are dying

D. were dying

The workers ___________ up the place now as it is in a mess.

A. tidied

B. tidies

C. is tidying

D. are tidying

The postman _______ letters to us every morning.

A. deliver

B. delivered

C. delivers

D. delivering

The fierce big black dog _______ whenever a stranger passes buy.

A. bark

B. barks

C. barked

D. barking

Clarus and his sister do not _______ along well with one another.

A. get

B. gets

C. got

D. getting

The naughty Ivan ___________ some stink water into his friend’s bag when his friend is away.

A. pour

B. poured

C. pours

D. pouring

One who _________ on other people is not independent.

A. rely

B. relies

C. relied

D. relying

The boys _________ in the shopping mall and the police are looking for them now.

A. loiters

B. loitering

C. is loitering

D. are loitering

Jessy _____ rather pale today. I think she falls ill.

A. look

B. looked

C. is looking

D. was looking


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