Grammar Quiz

Word Formation Quiz


________, I don’t believe in what you’ve said. I’m so sorry.

A. Fortune

B. Fortunately

C. Unfortune

D. Unfortunately

We need to find a __________ to the problem as soon as possible. (solve)

A. solve

B. solution

C. solvable

D. insoluble

Patricia’s very __________ . She writes short stories, paints and makes mosaics. (create)

A. create

B. creative

C. creature

D. recreate

Juan speaks English fluently and makes very few __________ mistakes. (grammar)

A. grammatically

B. grammar

C. grammatical

D. grammarian

The restaurant is ……….., but the ………….. here is on a high level. (expense/to serve)

A. expensive/serve

B. expensive/service

C. more expensive/servise

D. expensively/serve

I began to eat more __________ and I got stronger.

A. health

B. healthy

C. healthily

D. healthiness

The endings er, ment, and ation can be added to many verbs to form _______.

A. adverbs

B. verbs

C. nouns

D. adjectives

I _____ you for my mistake.

A. apologize

B. apology

C. apologication

D. apological

Don’t be afraid of the dog. He’s absolutely __________ . (harm)

A. harm

B. harmful

C. harmless

D. harmlessly

The teacher keeps a record of every student’s __________ . (attend)

A. attendance

B. attendence

C. attend

D. attendees

Prefixes added to the front of many words can produce an opposite meaning.

A. dis, non, in

B. un, in, de, dis, non

C. un, in

D. dis, non, de

The ending ly can be added to most adjectives to form _________.

A. verbs

B. nouns

C. adverbs

D. pronouns

If you study harder, you can __________in EOM exam.

A. succeed

B. success

C. successful

D. unsuccessful


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