Grammar Quiz

Verbs and Adverbs Quiz


Ashish and his mother will be leaving for Chandigarh ________.

A. yesterday

B. tomorrow

C. yet

D. already

This is the teacher who also _________ my father, when he was young.

A. taught

B. teach

C. thought

D. teaches

Sumit is _________ in the park.

A. jog

B. exercise

C. exercising

D. sit

Who _______ the annual function yesterday?

A. attend

B. attended

C. attending

D. attends

The food is _______ stale. Don’t eat it.

A. yet

B. rather

C. rarely

D. clear

Garima was ________ snacks for the party.

A. preparing

B. prepare

C. prepares

D. prepared

Have you seen my dog ______?

A. always

B. nowhere

C. everywhere

D. anywhere

He _______ his lunch quickly this afternoon.

A. eats

B. eaten

C. eat

D. ate

Our music teacher ______ lost in thoughts.

A. cleanly

B. generally

C. fast

D. much

We have ______ time to relax and enjoy.

A. enough

B. slow

C. quite

D. hardly

Somebody _______ the window panes of my house.

A. broke

B. breaks

C. did breaks

D. broken

I ______ my extremely expensive necklace last month.

A. lost

B. loss

C. lose

D. loose

My father ______ a heavy box.

A. lift

B. pick

C. lifting

D. lifted

My father reads the newspaper_______.

A. yet

B. more

C. very

D. daily

You _______ attend school tomorrow.

A. being

B. must

C. does

D. been

We were _______ tired after the trekking.

A. rarely

B. too

C. yet

D. fast

Hetel and I _______ see each other these days.

A. rarely

B. very

C. more

D. rather

Annie and Parth ________ participating in the skating contest.

A. are

B. been

C. did

D. will

Sumit ________ hard and ______ the first prize.

A. work/getting

B. worked/ got

C. works/get

D. working/get

________ could I find the racket which my sister had hidden.

A. Everywhere

B. Nowhere

C. somewhere

D. Anywhere

We ________ a football game yesterday.

A. watch

B. play

C. see

D. watched


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